Hand-made gift ideas made by friends (part 1)

In an earlier post, I mentioned my zines and postcards that could make great gifts, but I also want to introduce and advertise the work that some of my friends in the DIY/zine/queer/feminist world create. From zines to face masks, and jewelry to music, there’s something for everyone! This is part one so more will follow.

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Looking for presents to give to friends or family? Here are some ideas…

Normally around this time of the year I would be participating in craft fairs and Christmas markets but that’s not possible due to Covid-19. But then, let’s do a giant online craft fair, right?

If you’re looking for presents to give to friends or family (or yourself) or postcards to surprise them or wish them well, I have some options available for you: original gift ideas hand-made by yours truly including postcards, zines, and music. Take a look at my table: 🙂



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Zines I’ve read in 2020 (October)

Besides making zines during ZineWriMo 2020, I intend to read a lot of them. Here are some photos of the zines I read last month.

Again I read a diverse range of zines. Subjects include thoughts and reflections during the covid-19 pandemic, inspirational female film roles and female punk musicians, internet in the early days, working-class identity, comparing living in Portland and Amsterdam, dealing with anger, and the Mars exploration rover. There are also comics about working in a coffee shop, crushes, and self-reflection, and going to a queer camp as a young trans kid, and a zine filled with digital collages. More collages are featured in zines made by the participants and organisers of Swansea Zine Fest  zines featuring digital collages. Finally, I received a donation from a friend (see also the zines I read last month) with f.e. poetry zines, comics and illustration zines including one of Ward Zwart who sadly passed away last month.

Take a closer look… These are the zines I read in October 2020:

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New mini-zine – Do It Yourself Care: self-care during Christmas

Do It Yourself Care #3: self-care during Christmas

Do It Yourself Care #3 is a brandnew mini-zine about self-care during Christmas and other family gatherings and holidays. If you’re struggling during these times, this little booklet is for you. It’s filled with ideas and tips to make these days less dark, stressful, alienating, or frustrating. And there’s a bingo card and a playlist included as well. Doesn’t that sound like the best present you could give yourself and your friends?

This is the 59th release of ECHO (mostly zines, but also including a few tapes), woohoo. 🙂


8-page A7 folded mini-zine with a poster inside, printed in full colour

1 zine = 0,50 euro + postage

Trades welcome! Distros get in touch!

Mail me to place an order, to suggest a trade, or if you have any questions.

Other “Do It Yourself Care” mini-zines:

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Welcome to ZineWriMo 2020

Hello and welcome to the first day of Zine Writing Month aka ZineWriMo 2020! This month is all about making and writing your own zines. As usual, Sea Green Zines made the official list of fun prompts. ->

I hope ZineWriMo will help to distract and entertain me during these dark pandemic Autumn days but at the same time I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself because things are already stressful. I’d love to do a lot of the suggested prompts but it’s fine if I don’t do all/most/any of them. (At least I’ve started well by brainstorming about my plans for this month).

Some other things I’d like to do this month:

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Halloween bunny

This little monster wishes you a scary halloween (but not too scary).

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Online zine workshop gender in public space

I’ll be teaching this (mini)zine workshop in two weeks. It’s hosted by Huis Van De Mens.

Zine workshop – Gender in Public Space (online)

(If you want to participate, be sure to register asap because there are only two places left).

Facebook event

//free online workshop in ENG/NL, registration required: please send an e-mail with your name and address to eline.andries@demens.nu//

What’s it like to walk through Brussels’ public spaces? What about the right to speak up, safety, street harrasment, the ability of being yourself and finding the right toilet? How does your favourite public meeting place / community space look like?

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Zines I’ve read in 2020 (September)

Here are all the zines I’ve read in September. Zines were a real comfort when I’ve had to spend more time indoors lately. I hope they can be for you too, wherever you are, whatever your situation. I’m so grateful that zines are a part of my life. ❤

I’ve also been reading some very good books lately about DIY stuff but I’ll share those in my end-of-the-year reading list.

Last month I had the pleasure to read a bunch of photo zines (a gift from a friend, thank you M!) and a lot of perzines (about relationship troubles, covid-19, the loss of a cat, mental health, studying in the UK, and much more). There was also a zine filled with lino prints and a manual on effective activist communication. So happy to have discovered all of these! ❤


Find out where you can get (some of) these zines under the photo:

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Chainsaw Bunny eats guerrilla gardened carrots

Yum yum, Chainsaw Bunny is enjoying these freshly harvested carrots that she guerrilla gardened during the lockdown.

Want to know more about this secret guerrilla gardening project? And about other “adventures” Chainsaw Bunny has been having during the past half year? Read my zines Confined #1, Confined #2, and Scissors & Chainsaws #2!

Mail me for more info.


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News & updates: zines, libraries, workshops, band, and my zinester anniversary

It’s been a long while since I’ve had any news to share here beyond the zines I’ve been making during the lockdown in the past few months. But now the end of the summer is approaching, there is some exciting stuff happening and not just online!

These announcements include a zine workshop I’ll be doing in October, zine library donations, news from my band Lavender Witch, and… an upcoming zinester anniversary!!


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