Mini-zines galore!

“We want to know all the latest gossip about Chainsaw Bunny”

I’m getting more and more into mini-zines and totally understand the great appeal of these little folded 1-page booklets (both to read and to make them).

So far I’ve made 12 different mini-zines among which one is only available as an insert in Same Heartbeats #10, two are the same but printed in two different colours and three are the same except that they are written in a different language (Dutch, English, French).

“My chainsaw makes more noise than any guitar”

Here is the whole list:

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

All of these mini-zines are for sale for 0,50 euros (+postage) except for All About Chainsaw Bunny which is sold only together with Same Heartbeats #10 and costs 2 euros (+postage).

Contact me if you want to buy any of these mini-zines.

I’m up for trades too.

I’m currently working on a mini-zine called Zinespiration, I plan to make Do It Yourself Care #2 soon and I have a lot more ideas for mini-zines.

So how about you? Do you make mini-zines too? What are they about? What do you like about this small and folded format of zines?

Are you curious about how to make your own mini-zine? Or how to fold one? Take a look at these instructions. Some of my mini-zines explain how to make zines in any size.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Take a look at all of my zines that are currently available.

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Bloed Aan De Muur – podcast episode about radical books and zines

Bloed Aan De Muur is a fun and interesting anarcha-feminist podcast broadcasting from Amsterdam. I’ve been listening to it from the beginning and I always look forward to a new episode. I’ve had a secret dream for a while that I wanted to start an anarcha-feminist pirate radio show or podcast one day, so I was overjoyed when I received an email asking me to participate in their next episode!

On November 25th the women of Bloed Aan De Muur organised a panel discussion for the 2nd anniversary of the Barricade Book Bar café at ACU, the autonomous centre in Utrecht (also in the Netherlands). The panel was about radical books and zines and I was invited to speak next to Rymke of the eco-anarcha-feminist publishers Atalanta, the poet Stella Legioen, Tessa of Barricade, and two women of Bloed Aan De Muur. The panel was recorded for their podcast, making it the first time for me on the anarcha-feminist air waves*. I was so honoured and also slightly nervous but it was a lot of fun to do this!

You can listen to the panel/podcast here.

I’m only posting this now because it took me a while to gather enough courage to actually listen to this episode of the podcast. It is quite scary to hear myself speak and I’m afraid I might have said some silly things. But well, I hope it wasn’t that bad and I definitely want to do it again!

*A long long time ago I was interviewed about Ladyfest on Belgian national radio in French (!) along with my co-organisers. My French was very bad at the time (it’s a bit better now) so I tried to keep my speaking to a minimum and left it to my French-speaking friends. I think this was my first general radio experience. 🙂

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Interesting stuff on the web: other zinesters’ new year’s blogposts

Yesterday I wrote my new year’s post on this blog, and today I’d like to share those of other zine makers:

I love new year’s blog posts written by zinesters because I love to read about their accomplishments and plans, get ideas and inspiration from it and just look forward to reading more of their work. These blogs feels very encouraging because making zines is not about competition but about sharing and support. While I’m amazed by the creative output of these zinesters they also remind me in their posts that taking regular breaks and not putting too much pressure on oneself is a good plan, that life happens, and that procrastition is really fine in the zineverse*.

[* “Zineverse” is a term coined by Nyx of Sea Green Zines]

Chainsaw Bunny says: “arrr!” for no reason at all. She might have to start her own blog. Her New Year’s resolutions are: “eat more carrot cake” and “destroy more things with my chainsaw”, in no particular order.

Let’s start with my zine friend Nyx of Sea Green Zines who blogged about her New Year’s Eve, her outlook on 2019 and her new zine storage system. As I have a huge zine collection myself, I’m always curious to see how others organise their zines.

Hadass, another zine (trading) pal, wrote about her plans for 2019 that include zine things and non-zine things. Yeah, I sometimes forget, but life is not only about zines. 🙂 She also wrote an entire post about her “re-zine-lutions“.

On the blog of Holly of Cool Schmool (who make the zine series Me and Bruce among others) there is an overview of her favourite zines of 2018 as well as all a post about all of the zine-related things she did, made, and organised in 2018 (a lot!) as well as reminders to take it easy and say “no” to stuff to avoid burn-out.

And finally, zinester Emma of Fanzine Ynfytyn wrote about what 2018 was like for her (both very difficult things and creative stuff) as well as about what she hopes to do in 2019 (from sending more post to growing cacti).

So this was my little effort of amplifying some other zinesters’ voices. Enjoy reading their blogs! If you wrote something about 2018/2019 yourself, please share the link in the comments.

You can read all about my own 2018 year overview and my plans for 2019 here.

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Looking back at 2018, looking forward to 2019

Happy New Year!

2018 has come to an end. So I decided to go through all of my blog posts of the past year to see what I spent my time on. It turns out that I gave quite a few zine workshops, made a bunch of zines (of course), and did plenty of other stuff. It was a fun and productive year for me.

If you read on, you can also see what my plans for 2019 are…

As my new year’s resolutions for 2018 I set out to:

  • read a lot of zines again (but I won’t set a number)
  • try to read at least 20 books
  • make/finish Same Heartbeats #13, a 24-hour-zine, a DIY tourist zine about Brussels, and a mini-zine on self-care
  • craft and create a lot: design several new postcards, sew clothes (I already made a pair of shorts!), sketch lots, design new buttons and stickers…
  • visit and participate in zine events, organise zine workshops
  • participate in lots of activism
  • play a first (or more) concert(s) with my new band and participate in open mic events with my other music project!

I didn’t get to do everything on this list but I’m still happy with my accomplishments. I don’t write these lists as strict to-do lists anyway, but more as lists of ideas or sources of inspiration/motivation.

Read on for my personal highlights of 2018…

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Zines I read in 2018 (November – December)

Here are the final mini-reviews of the zines I’ve read this year! Some of these zines were bought from Pen Fight, Portland Button Works, and Antiquated Future in the summer. Others were purchased at Leeds Zine Fair or sent as trades or gifts. I’d like to thank all zinesters who sent me their precious booklets!

These past two months I’ve read zines about problematic idols, diabolical cats, human ghosts, crisps, and how to make menstruation underwear. Some of these publications contained lots of text and others lots of images. So I’m sure you’ll want to read at least some of them too! I’ve tried to group them according to genre / format but be aware that genres can overlap and zines are hard to categorise because they rarely stick to just one subject or style. Where possible, I’ve included links to webshops/social media/blogs. If no link is mentioned and you’re interested in a certain zine, let me know and I might be able to get you in touch with the zinester.

To see my previous reading lists and mini-reviews, click here.

(By the way, if you’re curious about the zines that I make myself, check out my catalogue.)

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New mini-zine: Guitarrr #2


Guitarrr is a mini-zine or mini-manual filled with tips and tricks for playing guitar or bass.

Because I had forgotten to mention some stuff in Guitarrr #1 and I had learned some new things since its publication, I decided to make another issue. In this second issue you’ll learn about guitar techniques such as muting, scales, and harmonics. When you fold open the mini-zine you’ll find a poster on this inside with different electric guitars and basses and some more or less well-known musicians who play them.

Guitarrr #2 is a full-colour folded double-sided mini-zine. Chainsaw Bunny is featured on the cover. It’s a very compact mini-zine, so you can carry it with you wherever you go such as to band practice or to jam sessions!

It’s written and illustrated by Nina, and published by ECHO.


Guitarrr #2 is now for sale for only 0,50 euro (+ postage). Zine trades accepted. Mail me to order a copy.

Guitarrr #1 is still for sale too. Find my other zines and mini-zines in my catalogue.

And now go and make some noise!

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Postcard season!

Tis the season to write postcards!

And I have some for sale. There are 9 designs:

  • Three witches
  • Chainsaw Bunny fireworks
  • Creating and reading zines
  • Chainsaw ice skating
  • Tree house
  • Collage figures (oldie from my student days! won’t be reprinted – buy while you can)
  • Chainsaw Bunny blanket fort
  • Cats & books
  • Curly wind

Price: 1 postcard = 1 euro (+ postage)

Discount: 10 postcards for 9 euros (+ postage)

Mail me to place an order.


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