Some amazing zines I recently read… (part II)

IMG_7349webI’ve been reading so many zines lately, it’s hard to keep up writing reviews… (life of a zine lover is so hard :-) ).

The following zines I’ve read more or less recently, I recommend to check out and they should still available. More reviews should be coming soon because I couldn’t fit everything in here…

Enjoy! Go read the zines listed here and make your own (and let me know about it)!



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Photo report – Zine Afternoon in Putney Library

IMG_8595webSaturday May 7th 2016 at Putney public library in London:

Fliss of Athemaura zine and the SWZines collective organised a zine afternoon in the Putney libary (in the south west of London) on May 7th. Fliss has been making zines for 20 years now. That’s why she set up a very nice exhibition of her zine work. Besides Fliss’ and my zines, there were zines for sale from other zine makers from Belgium, the UK, and Germany. It was a really interesting selection and I left with plenty of fresh reading materials.:)


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Visiting zine libraries in Manchester

IMG_8023webWhile travelling through the UK in the last two months, I visited two zine libraries in Manchester: the Salford Zine Library and the Manchester LGBT Zine Library. I highly recommend any zine lovers to explore both of them!

The Salford Zine Library is located in the Nexus Art café in the north of Manchester. It’s a lovely place, with creative decorations, and crafts, smoothies and food for sale. Perfect place for a zine library!

The collection of SZL is very diverse. You can donate your own zine by dropping it in the special postbox in the library. (see image below)

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I’ve got two different postcards for sale!

nieuwjaar2015kaartjewebb  kaartje2016-voorkantweb

They’re 1 euro each (+ postage). If you buy 10 cards in total, they cost 9 euros (+ postage).

Mail to

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Photo report – Zine Happening II

ZiIMG_8439webne Happening II – April 9-10th:

About a month ago, the second edition of Zine Happening organised by Les VoiZines took place in the Lousbergpark in Ghent. Gudrun, Jo, Mawy, Hannah, the feminist collective FEL and I were tableing together with our zines and mini-zines and Evie also brought her new book Feminisme – een nieuw begin.

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Photo report – Ladyfest Brussels

IMG_7252webSo this took place a few months ago, but I only found time now to select and edit the photos. Ladyfest is a non-commercial DIY feminist festival with music, workshops, films and art which is organised all over the world since 2000, including in Brussels.

This year’s Ladyfest Brussels took place on March 18th-20th at Brass. I was invited to DJ (fun!) and exhibit some drawings. Here you can see some pictures from the festival:

On the right, my drawings at the exhibition:

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Reprint of Same Heartbeats #1-3!

IMG_8489webI’m currently working on Same Heartbeats #10 which should come out this year and for this occasion – and the 15th anniversary of my zine project ECHO – I decided to reprint the first 3 issues of Same Heartbeats, which have been out of print for a while. So you can now order all 9 issues of this zine and complete your collection! Triple yay!


A little bit of info on the first 3 issues of Same Heartbeats:

IMG_8490webSame Heartbeats #1

Same Heartbeats is sort of the successor of Flapper Gathering, which ran for 6 issues and aimed to be the riot grrrl/DIY feminist zine for Belgium. Even though Same Heartbeats is more personal and free, there are similarities such as articles on feminist issues and reports on feminist events. Same Heartbeats started in 2006/2007 as an attempt to make a series of zines in the vein of Not Lady-like which I enjoyed making a lot. I liked the idea of a feminist travel zine mixed with drawings, comics, reports documenting the DIY feminist scene, calls for feminist activism, promoting zines & self-publishing and snippets of “craft enthusiasm”. I basicly write about what I’m interested in. The first issue of SHB includes reflections on DIY feminist activism and looking back on all kinds of exciting events taking place in 2006: Ladyfest Amsterdam, Ladyfest Brussels, Ladies’ Room (a feminist art project I did in Hasselt), Freak Out Fest in Rome and Up The Grrrls in Paris. All in cut & paste hand-made layout.

IMG_8491webSame Heartbeats #2

With a drawing of a giant ex-squat in Hasselt on the cover, Same Heartbeats went on. Content includes articles about autonomous media and craft activism, travel/event reports (mini-Ladyfests in Brussels, Ladyfest Berlin 2007, Ladyfest Amsterdam 2008, queer fests and more), and DIY how-tos about Audacity, cloth pads and recycling an old pairs of trousers to an apron/toolbelt. I was clearly enjoying making this zine, so I just kept going…

Same Heartbeats #3

IMG_8492webThe 3rd issue of SHB and still fully hand-layouted! There are articles on racism in activist movements, DIY vs professional artists, feminist herstory and waves, and self-publishing and feminism, as well as reports from 2008-2009 on Buy Nothing Make Something (an event I co-organised), Infomania talks on feminism, HexeNacht / take back the night, Civil Media UnConference, Zine/DIY Gathering (another event I organised), Ladyfest Liège, L-Salon II and Elles Tournent. And finally  a DIY guide to guitar chords. Lots of Belgian queer-feminist herstory in here as well as more theoretical stuff.

All 3 of the zines cost 2 euros each (+ postage). Mail to to order them. Interested in trades (esp. feminist personal-political zines). Looking for distros too!
More info about all of my zines here.


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