Recent contributions/mentions in books, diaries, magazines, and zines

I seem to have been quite busy lately and I’m very proud to announce that there are a few (semi)recent publications to which I contributed artwork/illustrations/articles, for which I was interviewed, and/or which mention my zines. I haven’t written about these publications on my blog yet so I decided to write about all of them in one post instead of spamming you with lots of separate ones. I also plan to make a list of all publications (books, magazines, zines, etc) I’ve ever contributed to here.

So here we go:

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New mini-zine: A Space of Our Own

When I visited Manchester (and Leeds and London) recently, I got the opportunity to make and print a mini-zine on the riso printer at the autonomous centre Partisan. (Huge thanks to Pen Fight for this fun and creative afternoon!). It was the first time I ever used or even saw a riso printer even though I had heard of their existence, so it was very exciting!

The mini-zine I made is called A Space of Our Own and celebrates autonomous spaces (like Partisan). It’s about why I like such places and includes some examples of spaces I’ve had the pleasure to visit in Europe.

I gave away the original riso-printed mini-zines but I made some photocopied reprints. Maybe not as nice as the original but they are still in colour, double-sided, and contain the same content. These photos are of the original riso-printed mini-zines but the photocopied versions are very similar. If you want a riso version, contact Pen Fight as they might have some left.

Available for trades (or 0,50 euros). Mail me.

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Zine workshop at RoSa – photos

On Friday October 5th I did a zine workshop at the feminist library RoSa in Brussels. It was a very inspiring and nurishing environment and the participants were so enthusiastic and creative, it made me very happy!

I talked about what zines are, how to make them, why they are interesting for feminists, and about body image and zines. Being in the library I could show some of the books in their collection that talk about feminist zines, like Girl Zines: Making Media Doing Feminism, The Riot Grrrl Collection, Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now, and From Girls to Grrrls, which are also mentioned here in this book list on De Tweede Sekse blog. Additionally I brought some zines with me about body image and feminism to show as examples. At the end of the workshop everyone had made their own wonderful zine or mini-zine and expressed the desire to continue making zines! Yay!

RoSa has a few (feminist) zines in their collection and said they’d like to acquire more in the future. That would be very nice to have a library in Belgium that will build a specific feminist/queer zine collection. I compiled a list of all zine libraries in Belgium which mentions them too.

In case you missed this workshop but would like to make your own zine at home, have a look at these free tutorials. You can also buy or swap a mini-zine tutorial from me. In that case, please mail me. If you’d like me to organise a zine workshop for your project or organisation, also feel free to contact me.

Here are some photos of the workshop:


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Inktober starts today – a challenge to encourage participants to make an ink / pen drawing every day in October. I wasn’t really sure if I would take part but as I was finishing up a drawing of Yngwie Malmsteen I thought that could at least count for day 1, and for the next days, we’ll see!

Yngwie Malmsteen – “Yngktober”


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Zine trip to the UK – photos

Mid September I travelled to Manchester/Leeds and passed through London. I wanted to go to the UK because Leeds Zine Fair (facebook) was happening on September 15th so I planned a little trip around it.

I arrived with the Eurostar in London on Thursday September 13th and then took the train to Manchester. I love trains and hate airplanes so my whole trip was by train. When booked in advance as I did, it is probably as cheap as going by plane, so yay trains!

Here are some photos from my trip:

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Lavender Witch – news, music, videos, concert dates



Lavender Witch

As you may or may not know, I play guitar in a band called Lavender Witch since October which I’m enjoying A LOT. We recorded some songs – Malicious Muse and Disturb the Peace – that I’d like to share with you, did a DIY photoshoot (will be shared on our facebook page soon), and we have our first concert date today!

Let us know what you think about the songs and see you in the front row soon!

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List of zine libraries in Belgium

There exist a bunch of zine libraries in Belgium. I define “zine library” here as: “a library or archive that keeps zines in its collection”. Some are historical archives, some are libraries specialised in certain subjects, and others are part of DIY autonomous spaces. Some have mostly artzines and books, some focus on comics, and others collect mainly anarchist pamphlets and political zines. Languages may vary too. Here are the ones I know of:

(logo of the Zine Libraries interest group, not related to the zine libraries mentioned here)

(photo taken in Brighton, not at a Belgian zine library but I think photos of typewriters always fit)

Do you know of another zine library in Belgium? Please let me know!

I haven’t actually been to all of these Belgian zine libraries yet so I’d like to do a little “tour” to visit them to find out more about which publications they have and enjoy their zine collections. [Actually I really love the idea of a zine tour too, with zine readings and zine fests, as I wrote in a previous post. But in this case I just would like to visit the libraries one at a time].

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