What you didn’t know about my newest zines… (+ upcoming zine theme reveal)

Before I reveal some “secrets” about my newest zines, I’d like to reveal the theme of the upcoming perzine edition of Witches’ Brew. Most of the Witches’ Brew zines are thematic mini-zines but a few are bigger A6/quarter-size and more personal witchy zines. I enjoy making them somewhat thematic too. Previous issues are about mundane magick (#3), time & space (#7), and my abc of witchcraft (#10). The zine I’m brainstorming on now will be subtitled “the sound of magic” and will be all about the magic of music! I’ve already started writing down some ideas and hope to release the zine in Autumn. So please be patient and for now enjoy my newest zines:

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Zine Happening VIII last weekend – I already miss it!

Last weekend, the 8th and final edition of Zine Happening took place. It’s been a yearly zine fest since 2015 in Ghent. I’m very happy to have been able to visit as well as participate as a vendor several times. I think its influence on and contributions to the local and wider zine community is invaluable and I remain grateful for all the work the organising team has put into it.

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Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part 12 (the queer edition)

As it’s IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) this week, on May 17th, this month’s WitchTube selection is all about queer witchcraft! There are videos about inclusivity and heteronormativity, the problem with feminine/masculine energy, queer magic book recommendations, witches in movies and stories, and how certain fantastical creatures became connected to queer communities:

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New zines – Witches Brew #9+10, Bunny On The Moon, Eat My Zine – & new bundles

Here they are: my newest zines! It’s a full moon tonight so I wanted to do something special: it’s the perfect moment to release new zines, especially if one of those zines talks about moon travel! I’ve also released two new bundles in my webshop: one with witchy zines and postcards and one with ziney zines and postcards. 🙂

Take a look:

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Coming verrrry soon… new ziiiines!

As you may have heard I’ve been working on a few new zines:

  • Eat My Zine: a mini-zine about making feminist zines and fighting the patriarchy
  • Witches’ Brew #9: a mini-zine which tells which type of witch you are, based on the Spice Girls nicknames
  • Bunny on the Moon: a mini-comic about your favourite bunny: Chainsaw Bunny wants to travel to the moon but how can she get there?
  • Witches’ Brew #10: a witchy abc zine made in +/- 24 hours

They’ll be out tomorrow! 😮

Here are some sneak peeks:

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May Day crafts

Here are some things I’ve been working on in the past few days that I wanted to share: a journal made out of an envelope (tutorial by Meghann & the Moon) for the Changing Paths journaling challenge by Yvonne Aburrow (to promote their new book of the same name), a page for Beltane in my Spiral Grimoire, a broche made out of a safety pin + felt + fabric scraps (tutorial by Kool Kooky Kreatures), and the May Day triptych you could already see on my May Day altar. I’ll post more pages from the Changing Paths envelope journal when it’s finished…

More photos:

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