My plans and dreams for 2022

All the usual new year’s resolutions are so uninteresting, don’t you think? I prefer to make a list of things I would really LIKE to do. How about you? What are your dreams and plans for 2022?

On the image above you can see a hand-made oracle deck that I created myself. I selected some cards that I think fit for the beginning of the new year: adventures, big dreams, exploring, finding magic everywhere, connecting with your community, colouring outside the lines (also a reference to a zine I love)… Find out more about my plans:

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Looking back at 2021

Hello 2022!

One thing I kinda enjoy about New Year’s is looking back at the past year and blogging about it. Can you tell?

2021 obviously wasn’t an easy year for anyone but I’m trying to keep this post light and positive and focus on creative projects. I hope you’re doing alright!

Here are the things I did in the past year:

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My watch & listen lists of 2021

Now that I’m in the mood for making those end-of-the-year lists, here are some with the music I’ve listened to in 2021 as well as recommended videos/series/films and podcasts:

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Working on new witchy DIY projects: buttons, spell bags, stickers, zines, songs…

During the dark winter days I’ve been working on some new projects. I wanted to make things with the witchy magick of these cold days attached to it. These include stickers, (mini)zines, buttons, postcards, spell bags, and Lost Luna music. Some of these you’ll be able to see very very soon!

I also want to thank the readers who have filled out and sent me their answers to my survey that I posted on this blog a little ago. I’m still curious to any feedback you’d like to give. đŸ™‚

Here is a sneak peek for some upcoming mini-zines!:

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Visiting the Huis van Alijn museum in Ghent

This blog post is a bit late but I still wanted to write a bit and show some photos of my visit to the Huis Van Alijn museum (“House of Alijn”) in Ghent a month ago because I really enjoyed it. Huis Van Alijn is the museum of daily life. It’s a fun museum to explore at any time because the permanent exhibition (which is regularly updated/changed) is well worth a visit and I think it’s a fun activity in these weird times. But I especially wanted to see their current exhibition about protests and parades…

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All the books I’ve read in 2021

My plan for 2021 was to read at least 21 books and I ended up reading 26. Yay! I know some people probably read double that amount or more but for me this was a very pleasing achievement. Besides, there are people who struggle to read any books at all for a variety of reasons so I’m happy I managed quite well.

When counting, I only included the books I’ve finished reading completely (but I may have started reading some of them before 2021). That includes comic books, children’s books, and cookbooks because, well, they are books. But I’ve also read poetry, a novel/memoir, a zine anthology, books about witchcraft, birds, bringing nature to balconies, and more…

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Postcard bundle

As you may have already seen, I created a new postcard for New Year. I have 14 cards in total now which are available as a bundle in my webshop. Of course, if you prefer, you can also buy them directly from me, individually or as a bundle (1 euro per card + postage) by emailing me.

The postcards depict all kinds of subjects such as a feminist protest, witches, reading with cats, a tree house, home-recording musicians, an octopus at a typewriter, and various settings featuring Chainsaw Bunny. Some are focused on the (winter) holidays but most can fit any season or occasion.

FYI: I’ll add a bundle with my upcoming mini-zines and the new postcard in my webshop soon too.

PS: It’s my name day today (Holy Nina, yep) and I love postcards, hint hint. đŸ˜‰

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Zines I’ve read in 2021 (December)

Here are the final zines I read in 2021… It feels nice to share all these beautiful creations on my blog in the hopes they may find more readers. Look back at other posts like these to discover more zine gems.

As usual I wanted to read so much more zines in December but didn’t manage to… Don’t you wish there were more hours in the day to spend on reading too? Anyway, I’m happy I did get to read this lovely pile of newsletters, photo-perzines, art-fanzines, quaranzines, experimental artzines, collage-based creations, and more… The authors wrote and made art about cemetaries, mental health & therapy, vulvas, body image & gender expression, daily life, fandom, among other things. In other words: real cool stuff!

Take a look…

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Visiting the Witches exhibition in Brussels

Last week I visited the Witches exhibition in Brussels (Belgium), organised by the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles). An entire exhibition about witchcraft and witches, I knew in advance that I was gonna enjoy it but it really went beyond my expectations. So I decided to write a little blogpost about my visit and show you some images from the exhibition. The exhibition closes by the end of this week so make sure to visit if you can!

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A magickal beginning of the year

As you might have noticed when reading this blog, I’ve been in a big witchery mood for a few months now. While I’ve always been interested in witchcraft and the feminist image of witches (for example I grew up watching movies like The Craft, was always fascinated by books about wicca despite not being a spiritual person, and have participated in witch-themed feminist protests), this fascination is still growing. I also have some friends to thank (blame?) for that… you know who you are. đŸ˜‰ And it seems like this increasing fascination is attracting lots of things towards it (should I call it magick??). Let’s start at the beginning…

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