Comix and zines at F-word Festival in Amsterdam

IMG_5048webLast weekend I went to Amsterdam for the F-word Festival (second edition). It was awesome again: tasty food, a big zine table, good bands to discover, interesting workshops and talks, nice people to meet, autumn sun, the perfect location… and the amazing feminist comix exhibition “Drawing out of the box”! I was so honoured to be asked to include my own comics in this exhibition. All the comics that I saw there, were so impressive and inspiring, in diverse creative styles, covering a range of topics related to feminism… don’t miss it! The exhibition can be seen till October 12th in MKZ in Amsterdam. Check the website of F-word for more info.

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Reviews of books about zines

Read the full article here on De Tweede Sekse Blog.

cc945014a56352d0300af2586f93075aTegenwoordig is er weer veel interesse voor zines wat ik natuurlijk aanmoedig, want zines zijn ideaal voor feministische informatieverspreiding en communicatie: goedkoop, iedereen kan makkelijk zelf een zine maken, veel creatieve mogelijkheden met vormgeving, handig om overal mee te nemen, lage drempel, alternatieve meningen, netwerk om zines te ruilen… Omdat het belangrijk is dat er goede informatie beschikbaar is over zines (met niet enkel focus op drempelverhogende hipster/arty zines waardoor het lijkt alsof zij zines hebben uitgevonden) wou ik een overzicht samenstellen van boeken over zines. Hieronder een lijst met boeken uit mijn boekenkast over zines of met veel info over zines. Velen zijn bestelbaar in kleine boekenwinkels (boycot amazon!) en anderen enkel tweedehands.

9200000026688823Reviews of these books:

  • A Girl’s Guide to taking over the World: Writings from the Girl Zine Revolution:
  • Fanzines
  • Feminist Media: Participatory spaces, networks and cultural citizenship
  • Girl Zines: Making media, doing feminism
  • Girls ZINE:
  • How to publish a fanzine:
  • Make a zine!: When words and graphics collide
  • 210187Mouvements de Presse: des années 1970 à nos jours, des luttes féministes et lesbiennes
  • Notes from Underground: Zines and the politics of alternative culture
  • Queer-Feminist Punk: an anti-social theory
  • Riot Grrrl: Revolution girl-style now:
  • Stolen Sharpie Revolution: a DIY resource for zines and zine culture
  • The Riot Grrrl Collection:
  • Zines! Vol. I:


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Distros, shops and libraries that stock my zines (September 2015)

In these shops, distros and libraries you can find (some of) my zines:




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News – september 2015

11889438_10153610507224255_3946323458705349897_nSome upcoming exhibitions, zine projects…:

  • Upcoming next week on Tuesday September 15th is an event called Eva Bijt Door at the bookshop De Groene Waterman in Antwerp. There will be a panel debate about women and art and an exhibition on feminism called Weibermacht. Sounds very promising! I’ll be exhibiting and selling zines my zines there too. If you make feminist zines and you’d like to show them, let the organisers know!
  • I’m very honoured to be part of the Drawing out of the box: Feminism in comix exhibition at the F-word festival in Amsterdam from October 2nd. It will be amazing, with lots of incredibly talented feminist comic artists such as Mawy, Henna Räsänen, Morgenmuffel, Valentine Gallardo, B. Carrot and other Zsa Zsa zinesters. The festival’s program also looks very interesting, so I’m very much looking forward to this.
  • sameheartbeatsguitarampwebDuring this year’s Sophia conference called “Unruly Bodies” that will take place in October, there will be a great amount of activist and artist involvement in all of the discussions, workshops and exhibitions. I’ll be hosting a zine reading room and zine workshop related to bodies that defy social norms. Come and have a look!
  • On November 7-8th I’ll be in Berlin for the Zine Fest there. It’s my first time at this zine fest and I’m very curious what it will be like. There will be several feminist zine makers, so we’ll probably share a big table. :-)
  • On November 12th, just back in Belgium, I’ll participate in a zine table and I’ll be dj-ing as DJ Dolle Nina at Ladyfest/Magasin4 event in Brussels. Don’t forget the real Ladyfest Brussels in March 18-20th 2016!
  • In between I hope to find time to publish the split zine Ana Hine and I are doing. Very excited about this! In the meantime, check out her zine Artificial Womb and the crafts she’s selling on etsy.
  • And finally: a for now still nameless feminist group based in Brussels (who have organised events on Monique Wittig and 50s lesbian pulp fiction before) that I’m part of, are working on a collective zine about women’s spaces, lesbian-feminism and sisterhood. The zine should be finished this year and posters of the pages will be presented at several queer and lesbian events in Brussels. Yay! You’ll read more about it here when there’s any news!
  • Update: Mid October there will be a 2-day zine workshop at Et Biiim festival in Lille (France)! I’ll gladly participate of course. :-) More info soon!
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Some photos of COVEN festival

I had the pleasure to go to COVEN festival last weekend in Cologne (Germany) where Jo and I were invited to give a workshop on zines.


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Zine workshop in Cologne on August 22

I’m still enjoying looking back at the queer zine workshop that Gudl, Marion and I did on the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival last week (Read the zine here), but now it’s time to look forward: another zine workshop ahead!


On Saturday August 22nd, Jo and I will be hosting a zine workshop at a queer-feminist festival called CoVen Festival in Cologne, Germany. Apart from our workshop, there will be discussions about fat empowerment and trans misogyny, workshops on bike repair and jamming and music by bands such as Baby Fire and Pandora’s Bliss. It will be an amazing day, I’m sure! If you’re in the neighbourhood, do come and visit!

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Photos and download: queer zine workshop in Antwerp

IMG_4250webWhat a fun day! The workshop that Marion, Gudl and I gave at the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival on August 5th went very well. The participants were all so enthusiastic and so were we. It was great working with everyone! And the zine we created together is so impressive! I’d like to thank everyone who participated and also Marion and Gudl for inviting me to do this workshop with them.


IMG_4208webWe started with some expanation about zines, a little bit of zine history, the link between queer and zines, safe spaces and how we were going to make a collective queer zine together. There we examples of zines and books about zines for documentation and inspiration purposes and lots of cool materials to make use of: glitter star stickers, diverse collage materials, letra sets, stamps, etc. You can see the result of the workshop here:

Download the zine: Queer-my-ass

Here you can see some more photos of the workshop:

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