Echo Zines portfolio

I’ve been making zines for 20 years now so I’ve built up quite a collection. To give you an overview of (most* of) the zines I have currently available in my catalogue, I’ve made a “zine portfolio” with images and some basic information:

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Music is magic – October playlist

For me, music is magic. It can offer beauty, energy, excitement, calm, belonging, wonder, and more. There are songs that fit for particular moods and moments. For this time of the year I compiled a playlist of dark songs and witchy musicians. Mysterious and magical music, just for you!

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PHX Zine Fest online!

After yesterday’s zine fair nostalgia, I’ve got some exciting news: I’m participating in PHX Zine Fest as a vendor and it will happen online on November 13th-14th! I will also speak in a panel. More news soon!

Find out more via PHX Zine Fest’s linktree.

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Zine fair nostalgia

Upon request by amazing zinester and overall creator Kama Mielczarek of Weird is the Best, here are some photos of my table or stall at zine fests and craft fairs in the past. (Some of these tables were shared with creative friends Jessica Maybury, Meeni Levi, Wayfaring Moon Apothecaries, and Sister Ray Zines, and the feminist collective FEL).

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Witchy, self-care, queer and Autumn-themed mini-zines coming soon!

I’m currently working on multiple mini-zines at once. Here you can see the work in progress… They are all witchy, self-care, queer and/or Autumn-themed, so perfect to make during the Halloween season.

Collages and unfinished zine pages with purple washi tape, a purple pen and a scissors, on a spiderweb scarf as a background

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Zines I’ve read in 2021 (September)

I tried to read more books and graphic novels in September and found it a bit harder to concentrate on zines (and reading in general tbh) so not as many zines here as in some of the previous months this year. It’s still a wonderful selection but I wish I could have read more of the publications that I recently received. Well, next month then hopefully.

Inside these zines you can read about doing a PhD on DIY culture as a working-class person, interviews with female and queer musicians, the ongoing impact of brain injury, memories connected to places in London, stories featuring water and water creatures, tips for things to do instead of doom scrolling, advice for working from home, photos of dark abandonned buildings, geekiness and fandom, travelling to Paris, a roadtrip in the US, fictional frendship stories, cat-related cross stitch patterns, info on grattitude journaling, and much more. There are also a few meta zines (zines about zines), a small comic adventure, and a perzine/quaranzine.

Again, I really enjoyed reading these and would encourage you to check them out! Thanks everyone who has been sending me zines recently and over the years! ❤

More photos and links to where you can find the zines:

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New month, new Bandcamp Day!

Today is another Bandcamp Friday which means that Bandcamp doesn’t take a fee from any of the sales that DIY and independent artists make with the music and merch in their Bandcamp webshops. So an excellent moment to support DIY music… and zines! Because there are zinesters selling their work on Bandcamp too like Lunchtime for the Wild Youth and New Cult! And me… 🙂

I recently started a webshop on Bandcamp not only for the music of my solo project Lost Luna but also to make my zines (or zine bundles), postcards, and other merch easily available. In the middle of the pandemic it’s also a good alternative for IRL zine fairs.

So what can you find in my Bandcamp shop?

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Embroidered art for the Confined zines

You know how suddenly lots of people turned to baking bread during lockdown? Or other things they had never done before, either because they never made/had time for it or because they needed a new hobby to fill their time at home. Well, I also had a bit more time on my hands since lockdown started so I tried to take up embroidery as a new craft. I’m still a beginner, trying to find my own style and way of expressing myself in this medium. Over the summer I decided to embroider some “slogans” related to my zine series Confined, as part of the pre-order for the new issues, which I enjoyed doing a lot. I’m selling the embroidered artworks I made in my webshop. Take a look at all of them here:

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From sketchbook to printed zine: the making-of Confined #3 and #4

From sketchbook to printed zine in 11 steps!

Two new issues of my diary comic zine Confined were just released (more info here) and I wanted to explain my process of making them so you might feel inspired to make your own zine!

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Take a look at my new zines: Confined #3 and #4

As you may already know, I just released two new issues of my zine Confined.

Here are some sneak peeks of the inside pages of Confined #3 and #4: (spoiler alert!)

And one image I wanted to highlight because it’s so relevant right now:

Thanks to everyone who has supported the pre-order! If you haven’t received your copies of the zines yet, they will reach you very soon!

More info about the new Confined issues here.

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