Februstitchery 2023 – needlecraft challenge

I’ve been wanting to participate in a stitch/needlecraft challenge for a while. There’s Stitchtober in October but I was too busy making zines that month. So I thought why not give last year’s creative challenge FebruWitchery a new life as FebruSTitchery? February being a shorter month when I don’t seem to have that many plans is perfect for a project like this.

So during this craft challenge, I intend to do crafty stuff nearly every day of February. I’ve assembled a list of things I want to make, mend, and work on, and if you want to participate too, you can do the same. I’ve also made a bingo card just because it’s fun. 🙂

[By the way, on February 1st-2nd it’s the witchy/pagan holiday Imbolc and I thought it could be nice to celebrate it with some yarn/textile-based crafts as well.]


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Bunny year

Chainsaw Bunny wants to remind you that the Chinese Year of the Rabbit has begun and that this is an excellent moment to spoil, admire, obey, and draw bunnies everywhere even more than you’d otherwise do! I guess this means I’ll have to make some more zines featuring Chainsaw Bunny soon…


Remember Mawy

My friend Mawy passed away last year. I’d like to show what a kind person and brilliant artist they were. Mawy made a lot of art, posters, comics, zines, silkscreened patches, and was an extremely creative person in every way. It’s important for me to see that they live on in their art and that it still gets shown to the world. That’s why this blogpost shows some of Mawy’s work. I also highly recommend that you visit the exhibition of Mawy’s art in Lille (France) if you can.

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Spell wish bottles and other crafts for the New Year

Happy New Year!

Because last night was the first full moon of the year, I wanted to do something creative yesterday. Something to welcome the new year and start it with optimistic intentions (however hard that may be in the world we live in today). I decided to make a “wish bottle”, toast to the moon with “moon mylk”, and do some more magick and crafts…

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The (witch)craft markets, punk/zine events, and workshops of the past few months

This year I started visiting and participating in craft markets again after a long pandemic pause* and I’m so happy with that possibility. I also gave two zine workshops, in August and in November. As we are approaching the very end of the year, I thought it might be nice to look back on these events and share some photos…

*Of course covid is not gone and people still die from it every day, so please take your responsibility and let’s take care of each other.

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Yule travel altar – visiting a witch town during Winter Solstice

Last week I visited Vielsalm, a small town known for witchy folklore. I’ve been there before and enjoyed the quietness, beauty of nature, and cosiness so I looked forward to being back there this Winter. In this blogpost I’ll talk and show you more about my visit…

Given that Winter Solstice or Yule happened during my stay in Vielsalm, I thought it might be fun to create and carry a “travel altar” or “portable altar”. Take a look below and see how you can make your own:

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