Artikel over ECHO

IMG_1090webCool! Pieter Malliet schreef een leuk stuk over m’n zine project ECHO. Je kan het hier lezen op de website van Indiestyle.

Cool! On the website of Indiestyle, Pieter Malliet wrote an article about my zine project ECHO. It’s written in Dutch and talks about the link between riot grrrl and feminist zines and goes on to discuss my zines.

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Report of Zine Happening + Alternatieve Boekenbeurs


IMG_2443webOn April 11th and 12th, I shared a table with other 24 hour zine makers  and with the feminist collective FEL at Zine Happening in Ghent. This zine fest was organised by Les VoiZines, a project started by two neighbour girls who make zines, comics and illustrations themselves. It was the second zine fest ever, as far as I know. The first one was organised by FEL and ECHO in 2011.

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Other zines from Belgium (part II)

IMG_1922web(Older reviews of Belgian zines here.) Because I want to promote zine culture in Belgium, here are some awesome zines to check out! Most of them were made during 24 hour zine-making marathons, which makes them even more awesome. Contact the zine-maker or distributor that’s mentioned to buy a copy: Continue reading

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Female room mate wanted / huisgenote gezocht (Gent)

Wij zijn op zoek naar een derde huisgenote !

We hebben een kamer beschikbaar in een mooi huis in de stationsbuurt te Gent, in een rustige straat. Het is een groot en mooi in orde gebracht huis met open haard, veranda en grote tuin met tuinhuis in een rustige straat. De kamer die vrijkomt is ruim (4 x 4 m) met groot raam op eerste verdiep. Ook in de living kan je gerust nog een boekenkast en/of bureautje zetten. Huur is 415 euro, alles inbegrepen (elektriciteit, gas, water, internet).

IMG_6969webWij zijn 2 vrouwen van midden 30. We zijn rustige personen die creatief, milieubewust en geëngageerd zijn en zijn onder andere bezig met schrijven, tekenen, muziek, gezelschapsspelletjes, feminisme…

We vinden het leuk om af en toe samen te eten en/of koken of een film te kijken, maar spenderen ook veel tijd aan onze eigen projecten. De kuis- en tuintaken worden verdeeld onder de bewoners.

We zoeken een vriendelijke, rustige huisgenote.
(geen huisdieren toegelaten, er zijn wel veel katten in de straat ;-) )
Laat ons iets weten als je geïnteresseerd bent! Mail naar

We’re looking for a third female room mate in our beautiful spacious house with a garden near the train station in Ghent. You can rent a room of 4 x 4 m with a big window, on the first floor, for 415 euro/month including electricity, water, gas, internet. We share the big living room (with some space for your furtniture if you want), kitchen, bathroom, veranda and garden.

We are 2 women of mid 30s. We are both quiet, creative and ecologically-minded and are interested in writing, drawing, music, board games, feminism… We enjoy eating/cooking together sometimes or watching a film. But we also spend a lot of time on our own projects. Cleaning and gardening tasks are equally divided between all room mates.

We’re looking for a quiet and friendly room mate. (No pets allowed, but there are lots of cats in the street ;-))

Mail to if you are interested!


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reprint of Echotopia – now available

IMG_2533webNew copies of compilation zine Echotopia!

I did another print-run of Echotopia, a collection of writings, comics and drawings taken from zines I published between 2001 and 2011. The zine has been out of print for a while and I thought it was time for a reprint.

The cover of the reprint of Echotopia has a slightly different shade of recycled light orange-pink, but otherwise the content and layout has stayed the same. The zine contains articles and comics about a wide range of topics including squats, gender identity, beauty standards, zines, street harassment and more. It is a sort of best of of all the zines I wrote from 2001 till 2011. This includes my very first (mini) zine Punk Feminist Mini Zine! But there are fragments taken from out of print zines such as Flapper Gathering, Radix and some early issues of Same Heartbeats too. I think you can clearly see how my style evolves, especially my drawing and layout style, but probably the writing too. Still, I like to say that the issues that are addressed in Echotopia remain extremely relevant and I’m quite proud about how it turned out.

IMG_1650webWould you like a copy? Mail to:
1 zine costs 2 euros + postage
Available for zine trades and distros

More info
Read a review
Other zines

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Same Heartbeats #8 – out now!

IMG_2524webIt was a long and hard delivery, but then again, it’s quite something to give birth to your 8th child!

Same Heartbeats gives you insight into the local, Belgian and European zine/ladyfest/feminist scene. This feminist zine has been going for 8 years and has covered a great number of feminist events and actions, shared DIY/craft ideas, reflected on feminist theory and activism, promoted zine culture and published travel stories and other personal-political writings.

IMG_2527webThe 8th issue of Same Heartbeats delves into the world of feminist festivals again: LaDIYfest Berlin, F-Word in Amsterdam, Et Biiim in Lille and Agitations in Charleroi. Just before its release, ECHO’s 24 hour zine Letter Soup rolled off the printers too. Same Heartbeats gives you the inside story for all 24 Hour Zine events that have taken place so far in Belgium (in 2014 and 2015). And what else? More personal-political writings, and even a call for a feminist strike!


  • 24 Hour Zine Thing in Belgium
  • Feminist festivals in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium
  • Some tips against feelings of depression
  • A call for a feminist strike against austerity measures and sexism in our movements
  • Analysis of racist and sexist responses to #wijoverdrijvenniet and #dailyracism
  • Feminist Zines Europe: a new feminist zine network

IMG_2526webAs always, Same Heartbeats combines text, comics and drawings, both hand-made and computer edited / layouted. #8 is an extra big issue: 36 pages instead of the usual 32.

Get a copy now! Same Heartbeats #8 costs only 2 euros + postage.
Mail to:
Distros, please get in touch. Open for zine trades too.

This zine was presented at:

  • Alternative Boekenbeurs at De Centrale in Ghent – April 18th

For previous issues of Same Heartbeats, click here, and info about all other ECHO zines can be found here.

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Letter Soup – a 24 hour zine

IMG_2093webbWe did it again!

9 zinesters participated in the 3rd edition of 24 Hour Zine Thing in Belgium! This time it took place in Brussels. Most zines are printed now and available to buy/swap! I’ll post their zine descriptions and contact info on this blog asap.

IMG_2523webMy zine is called Letter Soup and it’s all about words, writing, talking and language. This includes:

  • consent
  • radical cheerleading
  • Andre Lorde’s view on silence
  • misunderstood words
  • being (called) shy
  • Sleater-Kinney (and their song “words + guitar”)
  • academic language
  • consciousness-raising groups

It’s 24 pages, all folded by hand, tied with yarn and with a self-made lino stamp on the cover. The lay-out is cut and pasted, with text, drawings and collages.

Get your copy by mailing me at
Letter Soup costs 1 euro + postage. Or we can do a zine trade! (I’m especially interested in feminist / anti-racist / queer / comic / DIY / activist / perzines).
Distros who’d like to distribute Letter Soup can get it touch too!


This zine was presented at:

  • Alternative Boekenbeurs at De Centrale in Ghent – April 18th
  • Zine Happening at Lousbergpark in Ghent – April 11-12th
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