Zine Happening III – report by FEL

On April 8-9th, the third edition of Zine Happening took place in the Lousberg park. A bunch of feminist zinesters gathered to do a zine table together. Read the full report [in Dutch] with lots of pictures on the website of FEL.





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Interesting zine stuff on the web

Here are some extremely cool zine projects you should check: resources, games, social media, events, blogs, and more!


  • POC Zine Project: all about people of colour and anti-racist zines and zine projects
  • Grassroots Feminism archives several zine projects
  • This website is quite old, but still so valuable: Grrrl Zines Network
  • A good starting point for finding out about zines is this zine link list (made by Riotmade with love) with a glossary, youtube manuals on how to make mini-zines and websites and literature on zines
  • ZineWiki lists international zine projects and you can add your own!
  • check Feminist Zines Europe for more resources

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Same Heartbeats #11 – out now!

Just in time for the local zine fair season (Zine Happening on April 8-9th and Alternatieve Boekenbeurs on the 22nd), Same Heartbeats #11 is out!

This issue contains:

  • Interviews with queer-feminist zinesters living in Belgium
  • Reports on feminist events (F-word, Elles Tournent, Voix Queer, Take Back the Night)
  • Thoughts on doing research about zines, feeling tired, and my new home
  • Some little chainsaw bunny drawings

Same Heartbeats #11 is:

A5-sized, 36 pages, recycled paper, bound with colourful yarn.

Buy for 2 euros or suggest a trade (I’m very interested in swapping with other feminist zines!)! Distros: please get in touch!
Mail to: flapper_grrrl(a)yahoo.co.uk

For more zines or other issues of Same Heartbeats, check my zine catalogue.

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Zines I read in 2017 (part I: January – March)

Because reading more zines and books is one of my resolutions for 2017, I’d like to make a list of the zines and books I read and when time permits, add some reviews or descriptions. I’d like to read at least 10 zines (and 1 book) each month, but so far I already read over 70 zines! With books it goes a bit slower. So here we go, these are the zines I read from January to March 2017:


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Feminist Activist Mini-Zine – new mini-zine

This mini-zine about feminist activism was made for Mini-Zine March 2017. It gives you ideas for actions, setting up a group, and participating in the feminist movement as a cisman, and contains a map of feminist projects to join or for inspiration.

  • Download and print the mini-zine here.
    The original pdf is in full colour but you can print it in black & white as I did and choose a coloured paper (I chose lavender).
  • Folding instructions can be found here.
  • More mini-zines can be found and downloaded here.

Feedback always welcome!

Take care when engaging in any type of activism and let’s surf this feminist wave!


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News & activities – Spring 2017

Some upcoming activities:

  • I will be sharing a table with feminist zine friends to sell and trade our creations at VoiZines’ Zine Happening III on April 8-9 at Lousbergsbuurtcentrum in Gent
  • Next I’m doing a zine/book table with FEL at the Alternatieve Boekenbeurs on April 22nd at De Koer in Gent
  • At Dans L’Cul Danku festival on April 23rd at Barlok in Brussels I will give a zine workshop
  • And I’ll do another zine workshop together with Megan Beard at Ladyfest Maastricht May 6-7th in Maastricht (Netherlands)


  • Same Heartbeats #11 will be finished very very soon and I have plans to make a mini-zine about feminist activism this month because it’s Mini-Zine March! 🙂


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Happy 2017! (+ news)

Happy New Year!


Let’s make this a year of positive radical change!

Some announcements and news:

  • My very first peer-reviewed scientific article called “Write it yourself? Feminist perzines as participatory playgrounds” got published in the journal Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies! It’s about feminist perzines and their value in today’s digital age. Let me know if you’d like to read it and I’ll send you the pdf.
  • In 2016 I also contributed comics for #4 and #5 of Ethical Sloth.
  • Same Heartbeats #11 is slowly progressing…
  • Lately my flapper_grrrl(at)yahoo.co.uk email address doesn’t receive all mails sent from gmail addresses. In case you have/had trouble mailing me, mail to ninanijsten(at)gmail.com instead.

Plans / resolutions for 2017:

  • Make zines as usual:
    My plan is to publish Same Heartbeats #11 + another 24 hour zine + a mini-zine this year.
  • Do research and write about zines:
    I’m working on a second article and I just love to study the medium of zines in all its facets.
  • Make new crafty merch:
    Design new zine-themed buttons, new postcards like the one above, and maybe stickers. Some new bunnies might be born too this year.
  • Draw more:
    Make more sketches and experiment with styles and materials, draw at least 2 self-portraits (because I think I forgot to make one in 2016), start working on a graphic novel, make more Chainsaw Bunny comics.
  • Read more zines and books:
    I want to read at least 120 zines and a dozen books (including comic books / graphic novels) this year, inspired by this (thanks to Jessica Maybury for the tip!). I’m a slow, easily distracted reader but I also really want to read more and hope this will encourage me. Possibly some zine/book reviews might follow, here or on De Tweede Sekse blog. I’m at 20 zines and 2 books so far, yay!
  • Organise!
    Hang out with zine friends, create together, and use our creativity for positive radical change!
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