Zine Happening + Alternatieve Boekenbeurs


Upcoming zine events in Belgium:

I will share a table on both events together with other feminist zine makers and the feminist collective FEL. Come and say hi! The Alternatieve Boekenbeurs is always fun, has mostly books, but also zines, pamphlets, magazines, music, T-shirts, stickers… of diverse action groups, independent publishers and distros. It’s the first time that Zine Happening is organised by Les Voizines. I think there might be mostly arty zines, but also some other queer-feminist and personal-political zines.


Other zine events:

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Third edition of 24 Hour Zine Thing was fun again!


From March 20th till 21st a bunch of zine-makers participated in 24 Hour Zine Thing again, this time in Brussels. 8 new zines were born! And in the evening of the 21st some of us partied at the Sleater-Kinney show in Antwerp. What an excellent way to close a creative day of work!


You’ll soon find more info on this blog about the 24h zines that were made. And you’ll be able to buy several of them at the Zine Happening in Ghent in a few weeks too!


On to the next edition? This will probably be in July again (= international zine month!).


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24 Hour Zine-making – part III

24zinebelgiumlogowebYes, another edition of 24 hour zine thing in Belgium! Another chance to take the challenge to make your own zine of 24 pages in 24 hours!

  • Place: at the Rainbowhouse in Brussels
  • Time: from Friday March 20th at 17:00 till Saturday March 21st at 17:00

What is 24 Hour Zine Thing?

It’s quite simple: make your own zine of 24 pages in 24 hours. Subject, style, technique, and size are free to choose!

What do you need?

Basic materials: a pencil, a pen, an eraser, a sharpener, paper, a yardstick, scissors, glue, a space to work, copymachine or copyshop.

Optional materials: stickers, stamps and ink, markers, glitter, magazines to cut up, craft paper, computer and printer, paint and brush, photos, …

What did we do before?

Take a look at some pictures of the first edition. Participants made zines in all kinds of styles and subjects: dystopian comics, interactive writings about voice, fiction and drawings, feminist collages and creative use of stamps, autobiographical stories, mini-zines… Soon I will post more pictures and info on this blog about the zines we made so far.

Contact us if you want to participate!

We ask you to confirm your presence because the places are limited! (The room has a limited amount of tables and chairs!) Mail to flapper_grrrl(at)yahoo.co.uk.

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Zine workshop at Veelzijdig

logo-darkAt a women’s day event in Leuven called VeelZIJdig I will host a free ongoing zine workshop on March 6th and 7th, each day from 10:00 till 18:00. It will take place in a tent right next to the train station. So come whenever you want and participate in creating a big collective zine or make your own zine!

zineFrom the website of VeelZIJdig:

“Een zine is een magazine dat je zelf samenstelt. Zoek leuke afbeeldingen, slogans en teksten in tijdschriften (of bedenk ze zelf) en maak je eigen boekje met het nodige knip- en plakwerk. Op VeelZIJdig kun je aan de slag met thema’s rond vrouwelijkheid, beeldvorming, feminisme, identiteit, lichamelijkheid, seksualiteit … Nina helpt je op weg.”

You’ll be able to buy or swap some ECHO zines too!

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Nieuwe knuffelkatjes voor Let’s LousART

Pasgeboren knuffelkatjes, morgen adopteerbaar op Let’s LousART in Gent:



en verder ook zines en ander handwerk (buttons, boekenleggers…) te koop.

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Let’s LousART craft fair in Ghent

I’m making crafts (cat dolls, book marks, zines, buttons, postcards…) to sell at this craft fair next Sunday:




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new facebook group: Feminist Zines Europe

femzineeuropelogowebI’ve started a facebook group called “Feminist Zines Europe” to discuss feminist zine-making, announce zines and zine projects (such as zine fests, zine tours, workshops, zine libraries…), call for contributions to zines, promote feminist zines, build networks between zine-makers/researchers/organisers/librarians, learn from each other, and share ideas and inspiration. Feel free to join the group and participate!

(Update: The page Feminist Zines Europe on this blog will keep a list of projects related to feminist zine-making. Let me know if there are projects I should add! I’m not adding feminist zines made in Europe to this list because it would be too enormous. But maybe I’ll make such a list some other time… For now I’m looking for zine libraries/archives, shops that sell zines, review websites, distros that carry feminist zines, etc.)


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