Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part III

Here is my monthly WitchTube video selection! This time I put the focus on videos that share ideas for Summer and Summer Solstice celebrations…

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Summer Solstice (Litha) – music, zines, and witchy ideas

Happy Summer Solstice if you live in the Northern hemisphere! And joyful Winter Solstice if you are in the Southern hemisphere! I’m going to focus this blog post on Summer Solstice because that’s what’s happening where I live but please feel free to share your ideas for what you are celebrating in your part of the world in the comments.

Summer Solstice is when Springtime turns into Summer as well as the longest day of the year. In 2022 that’s June 21st so tomorrow. The Pagan holiday that’s celebrated around that time is called Litha. For this occasion I decided to take a look at what Summer means to me, transform my altar, and share some creative and self-care ideas for this season:

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Zines I’ve read in 2022 (May)

Welcome to my monthly zine recommendations aka the list of zines I read in the past month! This time I found reading pleasure in publications about gardening, Star Trek, mental health, witchery, the pandemic, and more…

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Easy DIY idea for displaying mini-zines

I’ve been breaking my head for years about cheap or easy-to-make-myself and light-weight constructions to display zines and postcards on my table at zine fests and craft fairs. Laying them all flat is fine but takes a lot of space and building a more 3D table looks quite appealing too I think.

So then a few days ago I came up with this…

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Zine bundle upgrade + Lost Luna news

Hi there, how are you?

I have some Lost Luna news to share with you: I’ve upgraded a zine bundle on Bandcamp with a digital download of my latest Lost Luna album “Wish upon a star”, the amazing I Wannabe Yr Grrrl Zine wrote a lovely review of that same album on Instagram, some of its songs have been played on a bunch of podcasts and radioshows, and I’m currently composing new songs on my guitarlele! Read on to find out more…

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Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part II

Bored? Tired? Try some witchery! Here are 6 YouTube videos about witchy stuff that I think are interesting to check out. The videos delve into the anti-capitalist ideas behind May Day, tarot card decks that fit for each star sign, names for the full moons, music as a form of magic, where to find witchy vintage images online, and pop culture pantheons. Enjoy!

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Queer witchery for IDAHOT

Wow, I almost forgot, but it’s IDAHOT today: International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. For this occasion I gathered a few resources and ideas to queerify your witchy crafts and witchify your queer activism. Not only to use today but any day of the year that you feel like.

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Zines I’ve read in 2022 (April)

Hi there! Let’s delve into my zine treasure chest and explore what I read in April:

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Springtime dreams coming true and artwork sneak peeks

As flowers are blooming and plants are sprouting, I feel encouraged to start new creative projects or grow my existing ones. In a previous blogpost I talked about what I am currently working on and now I’d like to show you some sneak peeks of the work in progress and finished items. The new zines, cards, and stickers will all be available soon! I’d also like to share some memories of my first Springtime 2022 wish coming true: taking part in an outdoors craft fair / flee market!

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Herbal walks – collecting Springtime herbs and flowers

Springtime is my favourite season, not only because of the weather – sunny but no heatwaves yet – but also because I love to see all the blossoms and flowers appearing everywhere… It feels like a fresh start and all that colour inspires my creativity and curiosity too. In this season I love walking around, looking around, and taking some plant samples home…

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