Chainsaw Bunny eats guerrilla gardened carrots

Yum yum, Chainsaw Bunny is enjoying these freshly harvested carrots that she guerrilla gardened during the lockdown.

Want to know more about this secret guerrilla gardening project? And about other “adventures” Chainsaw Bunny has been having during the past half year? Read my zines Confined #1, Confined #2, and Scissors & Chainsaws #2!

Mail me for more info.


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News & updates: zines, libraries, workshops, band, and my zinester anniversary

It’s been a long while since I’ve had any news to share here beyond the zines I’ve been making during the lockdown in the past few months. But now the end of the summer is approaching, there is some exciting stuff happening and not just online!

These announcements include a zine workshop I’ll be doing in October, zine library donations, news from my band Lavender Witch, and… an upcoming zinester anniversary!!


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Zines I’ve read in 2020 (August)

Whether there’s a heat wave or a snow storm going on, reading zines (and making zines!) is always a good idea. Here are the ones I devoured in August:

(More info, photos, and web links under the photo)

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Summer of zines: new ECHO zines

The Covid-19 quarantine has proved to be an excellent time to make zines for me. I made a bunch of of new ECHO publications and also collaborated on others.

It started small: in the beginning of the lockdown I created a mini-zine about herbs called Witches’ Brew #1 which allowed me to retain some connection to nature while staying mostly at home. Thanks to a herb patch at a local park, I could draw and write about rosemary, lemon balm, thyme, and other herbs, and create a little booklet.

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New zine: Scissors & Chainsaws #2 – international zine month diary comic

New comic diary zine made during International Zine Month:

Scissors & Chainsaws #2

Seven years ago I made the first issue of Scissors & Chainsaws*. It was my first self-published diary comic and I enjoyed the creation process a lot. And now it was time for a follow-up…

This second issue documents my life during July 2020: International Zine Month (IZM). With drawings, words, and comics I talk about the zine projects I was engaged in, what the Covid-19 lockdown situation was like where I live in July, my dream house, my friends, street-art I’ve spotted on walks, Chainsaw Bunny, and more.

*The title refers to zines (scissors as an essential tool for zine-making) and to Chainsaw Bunny (the stuffed bunny I made and appaears in my comics and postcards).

36 pages, A5, black/white printed on recycled paper with light-green cover, hand-bound with green cotton yarn

How to order this zine?

Send me an email to place an order or if you have any questions. The zine costs 2 euros + postage. Trades are very welcome too.

Other zines you might be interested in:

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New splitzine by with_drawn: Planets of Capitalocene, Surplus Humanity, and Revolt / Dancing, Drawing, and Day Dreaming

New splitzine by with_drawn:

Planets of Capitalocene, Surplus Humanity, and Revolt / Dancing, Drawing, and Day Dreaming

This split zine was made by the with_drawn collective during the online 24 hour event set up by Brighton Zine Network in July.

The zine discusses topics such as gentrification and the politics of maps. It includes political theory, song lyrics, collages, and drawings.

28 pages, A5, colour cover, b/w inside

How to get a copy of this zine?

The zine can be downloaded and printed for free here. Mail to with_drawn or to me to arrange for a paper copy. The zine is available for donation (+ postage).


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IZM 2020 round-up – from making zines to shelfies!

International Zine Month (July) has ended about a week ago. Here is a little summary of things I did. I already posted about the first half of the month here. I didn’t do all the things I set out to do but that’s fine.


First of all I read a lot of super interesting and amazing zines!

Then onto the zines that were created during IZM:

I printed copies of the zines Confined #1 and 2 (lockdown diary comic zine in two parts):

I continued drawing the IZM diary comic that I will print and publish as Scissors & Chainsaws #2 soon!

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Communal Care – new zine by with_drawn

Hi, I would like to draw your attention to a new zine project! “Communal Care” is the first collaborative zine that was just released by the new with_drawn collective. Be sure to check it out. The zine focuses on self-care and community care during high stress events such as the Covid-19 crisis.

What’s inside this zine?

  • Resilience pie
  • Mental health safety plan
  • Reflection on privileges
  • Ideas for distraction
  • Music as self-care
  • Meditation and breathing techniques
  • Consciousness-raising with zines
  • Small ideas for groups
  • + more!

36 pages, A5, b/w printed

How to get a copy?

You can download the zine here to print yourself or read online, and there are paper copies available too. The paper zine is sold on donation (+ postage). Mail to with_drawn(at) (or find the zine on future shared zine tables with ECHO – when zine events will happen again…).

PS. with_drawn will make/print more zines soon. There already is a translation of a scientific article related to Covid-19 available. Keep an eye on the blog for more news.

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Zines I’ve read in 2020 (July – IZM)

Hello! Here are all the zines I’ve read during International Zine Month 2020! These include newsletters, perzines, travelzines, musiczines… Inside you can find stories about underrated 90s bands, boxing in antifascist and feminist groups, gentrification, living in the Bay area, autonomous spaces, self-care, Covid-19, teaching in Chicago Public Schools, working and travelling in Italy, and much more. There are so many gems here and I highly recommend checking them out!


Where you can find some of these zines:

If you’re curious about the zines that aren’t listed here, let me know and maybe I can get you in touch with the zinester.

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New zine: “Confined” – a lockdown diary comic in 2 parts

ECHO has not 1 but 2 new zines out!

Confined is a diary comic zine in two parts about how I experienced the Covid-19 lockdown. Both zines talk about everyday things and little adventures like going on walks and drawing with friends, as well as political reflections. Both zines also feature Chainsaw Bunny.

Part I: April 19 – May 21

Part 1 of Confined tells the story of the (semi)lockdown starting from my birthday mid April. It includes a privilege list, things that brought me hope and joy since the beginning of the lockdown, a lockdown-themed bingo, and a playlist. The comic zine mentions how I celebrated my birthday, playing music at home, guerrilla gardening, eating fries, going back to work, online zine fests, feeling tired, printing zines, meeting friends, and more.

Part II: May 22 – June 30

In part 2 of Confined I started rehearsing again with my band Lavender Witch and we set up the pre-order for our debut album Awakening (it was released in July). My old band Vagina Dentata got together to record a song as well. There are also mentionnings of the zine mail I received, hanging out with friends, Black Lives Matter and anti-colonial protests, listening to Juliana Hatfield, and more. Finally, part 2 includes an easy lasagna recipe and a lockdown-themed playlist.

Each zine is 44 pages, A5 format. Printed on recycled paper with a light-brown cover and tied with red cotton thread.

How to get this zine?

Mail me if you want a copy.

Each zine costs 3 euros and both together is 5 euros (postage not included)*. Swaps welcome too.

* It’s a bit more expensive than my usual zines because there are maaaany pages and I’d like to break even with the print costs…

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