Survey – zines as life writing

Dear zinester,

I’m Nina, a zine maker based in Ghent in Belgium, and I’m doing DIY research into zines.

CIMG_6165weburrently I’m writing an article about (per)zines as autobiographies that will hopefully get published in the Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies (Dutch-language journal for genderstudies). It will be written in Dutch, but I consider making a translation to English afterwards. If it doesn’t get published in this journal, I’ll try to get it published elsewhere, maybe in one of my own zines.

For this article, I’m researching (per)zines themselves and I’d also like to ask other zine makers some questions. If you make zines, are you interested in helping me out by responding to my questionnaire?

I’m especially interested in why zinesters publish personal experiences, diary excerpts, autobiographical elements and life stories in their zines. Is the medium of zines suitable for autobiographies and why? In my research, I’m focusing on (feminist) (per)zines by women, girls and transpeople, but anyone can answer.

Here is the list of questions I’d like to ask zine makers:

  • Your name, pen name or pseudonym?
  • Your gender?
  • Your age?
  • Where do you live (city/country)?
  • Name of your zine(s)?
  • How many zines have you made and how long have you been making zines?
  • How would you describe the zine(s) you make?
  • Which (personal/autobiographical) themes/subjects do your address in your zines?
  • How did you first discover zines?
  • What are the reasons you chose the medium of zines to write about personal experiences or life stories?
  • What are the advantages of zines for you?
  • What are the disvantages of zines for you?
  • Would you consider choosing another medium for your personal stories such as a blog, video, book, letters, diary, songs… or have you used any of these? If yes, in which way do you use them?

I would be very grateful if you decide to participate in the questionnaire, and if you prefer, you don’t have to answer all of the questions. By answering the questions, I will assume you’re giving me permission to quote you for my article (unless you ask me not to). Please tell me if you prefer to be quoted anonymously. In case I would like to ask some additional questions or ask for clarification of your answers, I will contact you again.

You can send your answers to: You can write them in Dutch or English. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I prefer to have the answers by March 1st 2016, but no problem if you can’t make this deadline. I’m always interested in hearing/reading your responses and ideas!

Thanks a lot for your participation!

More info about my zines on my zine blog

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Winter sales – solden bij ECHO

IMG_6942webIt’s January and time for some sales. I have discounts available on several of my zines: so you’ll have something to read on the upcoming winter evenings! :-)

20% discount on the following zines:

10% discount on the following zines:

Read! Now!

These winter sales apply to orders from January 14th 2016 till February 14th 2016.

Postage not included in the prices! Unfortunately the postal system won’t have sales on its stamps…

Mail to:

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10 years + 10 issues of Same Heartbeats – celebration brainstorm ideas

IMG_5126webbIn 2016, I’ll have something to celebrate! Same Heartbeats will have its 10th anniversary and #10 will come out! Also, ECHO will exist for 15 years! Isn’t that cause for a little celebration? :-)

Same Heartbeats is by far the longest running zine I ever did. For #10, I’d like to do something special. But what is a good way to celebrate a zine birthday?

  • Extra-mega-super issue?
    The plan is to make Same Heartbeats #10 a bigger issue: more pages + a mini-zine included: “All about Chainsaw Bunny” + maybe a (double-sided) poster
  • Discounts and zine packs?
    Certainly! I plan to reprint Same Heartbeats #1-3, but as they are all old school cut & paste, I have to see if that still works…
  • More zine-themed buttons?
    Why didn’t I design any “same heartbeats” buttons before? :-) Can’t wait to make them…
  • Zine anthology book?
    There are several zine books out there, compiling (parts of) several issues of zines such as Shotgun Seamstress, Doris and Mend My Dress. I’d love to publish a zine book too, but I think it’s a little bit early still and it’s probably not so easy to find a publisher…
  • Zine event?
    For example a release party, mini zine/craft fair, zine workshop or zine reading / spoken word event. Sounds like fun, but I could use some help to organise it! Fairs and workshops are always good ways to promote zines and DIY culture and I love the idea of dancing to songs by the Copy Scams all night.
  • Lost Luna demo?
    Finally! I’m selecting songs as we speak and might make/record some new songs. Songs go back to when I only had access to a 4-track tape recorder, before digital recording tools such as Audacity. Listen to some recordings on myspace.


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Where We Belong – the zine, the exhibition and the workshop

IMG_6271webWhere We Belong is the zine made by a nameless lesBIan-feminist collective in Brussels who organised the Lesbian Pulp Fiction Show at the queer film festival Pink Screens last year and before that Re/Reading Wittig meetings.

This year the collective decided to produce a zine about lesBIan, feminist and/or women’s spaces. Making this zine was a fun experience, not only the actual making, cutting & pasting of the pages and designing the cover on the fridge of one of the members of the group, but also the conversations and cosy get-togethers with the group, each time at someone’s house, often sharing food.

The zine was finished early November. Some pages of the zine were exhibited at Pink Screens in Brussels, where the zine was sold too, and at the L-festival we gave a workshop on how to make your own mini-zine.

The zine is still for sale for 2 euros + postage. It counts 40 pages and is written in English and French with a bit of Dutch. Mail to the group or to me for a copy.

Here are some photos of the exhibition at Pink Screens:

Continue reading

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New zine – Same Heartbeats #9 / Artificial Womb special issue (split zine!)

bunnyreadingartwombshb9webI’m proud to announce the new zine:

Artificial Womb ALFA / Same Heartbeats #9

Here it is, the first split zine I ever participated in! For this zine, I collaborated with Ana Hine, who’s based in Scotland and who runs the feminist arts zine Artificial Womb. She made a special personal edition of her zine and I delivered half of the pages as Same Heartbeats #9.

artwombshbinsidewebIn my half of the zine, you’ll find:

  • reports on zine-related events
  • going to see L7 in Paris
  • a short introduction to my band Vagina Dentata
  • a new comic featuring Chainsaw Bunny
  • a report on F-Word, the feminist DIY festival in Amsterdam

artwombshbcoverswebIn Ana’s half you’ll find:

  • comics (illustrated by Alfie Pound) about her job as her struggle working as a tabloid journalist and recovering from a mental breakdown after leaving that job
  • thoughts on relationships and marriage
  • an interview with Alfie on how he quit his job to become an artist

shbartwombtitleswebSo you get 2 zines for the price of one! :-)

It’s a total of 32 pages, A5 format, printed on recycled paper and tied with lilac cotton yarn.

Curious to know more about Ana and my colaboration? Read more about the making of of this split zine.

artwombshb9bunnywebHow to buy a zine?

1 zine costs 2 euros (postage not included)
Mail to
I have paypal (with another e-mailadres) and I accept zine trades too!

Distros, get in touch too!


Next month, Artificial Womb ALFA / Same Heartbeats #9 will also be available from Artificial Womb distro.

Thanks for the collaboration, Ana!!


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Mini-zines on how to make your own zine (ENG/NL/FR) – download

IMG_6214webA few years ago, during International Zine Month, I made a mini-zine on how to make zines called “Hoe maak je een zine?”. It’s a short practical guide with basic info on how to make your own zine. I wrote it in Dutch to appeal to local audiences and to encourage Dutch-speaking people to make more zines.


IMG_6210webAbout a month ago I decided to make a translation in English and now – because Jo and I were giving a zine workshop in Brussels – there is a French translation available too, with help from Jo and Floh.

Whenever I’m tableing with my zines, I try to bring some copies of these mini-zines, but you can download and print them for free too! Here are the links:

  • IMG_5136webHoe maak je een zine – pdf (colour) pdf (black & white)
  • Make your very own zine – pdf (colour)
  • Fais ton propre fanzine – pdf (colour)

And finally, during a workshop in the summer I made another mini-zine with reasons why I like zines, written in English, called “Why I like zines”. You can download and print it too:

  •  Why I like zines (more info) – pdf (colour)


Look here for instructions on how to fold the zines.

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Craft sales

I was tidying a box of old crafty jewelry I made: bracelets, key rings, broches… I’d like to sell them for dumpster prices (trading with zines or other crafts is also always welcome). Here is all the products I have for sale. Please ask if you have any questions or would like more photos.

In the prices, postage is not included.

  • Bracelets (felt or crochet with beads): 2 euros
    (some are not yet finished, but I can finish them before I send them out)



  • Pins-broches (felt) and bottlecap pendants (felt): 1 euro


  • Hats (crochet): 10 euros


  • Crafty cats: 10 euros



Other and newer crafty creations:

+ zines and comics here

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