Zinester merch: buttons, prints, postcards, lavender bags, bunnies and cats

One of the ways I use to fund my zine-making is by creating and selling other hand-crafted things, such as lavender bags, postcards, and buttons.

I sell them at craft fairs (like Marché Créatif Féministe happening today in Brussels) and sometimes at zine fests and you can order them online by contacting me. The postcards are also for sale at some bookshops and libraries in Belgium and in the UK.

How to buy them:

Mail me to place an order or go to one of the events where I’m tableing.

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Zines about self-care available from ECHO


I love reading zines about self-care and (mental) health. It’s not something that is always easy to talk about but reading and writing such zines can be a way to process your experiences, reach out, find support, and help in your healing . In the mini-reviews that I post on this blog you can find plenty of awesome examples.

Over the past few years I’ve written a few zines myself that deal with self-care and (mental) health. Inside of them, I mostly wrote about small things I do or need for my well-being, but also about tiredness and ageing. I hope to publish more about these subjects in the near future. You can find the zines I’ve made so far listed here:

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ZineWriMo 2019: day 25-30

We’ve officially finished the final week of ZineWriMo 2019! Ta da da daaaaa! What did you do during these last days of ZineWriMo?

I spent this week with the usual ongoing zine-folding, writing/editing, and drawing (for the mini-zine This Bunny Kills Fascists – see photo – as well as a comic about my band Lavender Witch for Same Heartbeats #17). I also bought yarn to bind future zines. Some purple and blueish shades. Small but good accomplishments.

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Support your local (or less local) zinester

Do you value feminist alternative print media? Do you think zines should live forever? Read on… 🙂

Support is the key in the zine community!

From left to right: my zines and postcards, Lavender Witch buttons, Sister Ray Zines’ necklaces and zines, and Wayfaring Moon Apothecaries soaps and mini-zines.

Zines are a labour of love. They are meant to be non-profit. Zines should be accessible (that’s why I keep my prices low). But zinesters still have expenses that come with creating and distributing their publications. Glue sticks, pens, paper, printing costs, stamps, envelopes, travel expenses… are not free in this capitalist world – unfortunately.

I try to support other zinesters as much as I can. I mainly do this by buying (or trading for) their work and by shouting out about how great I think their zines are: f.e. in reviews. I also give zine workshops, encourage beginning zinesters, interview zine makers (in my zine Same Heartbeats), and donate my zines to zine libraries.  I’ve had the pleasure and honour of readers (often other zinesters) sharing images of my zines (and snail mail) on their social media, giving me very nice feedback, distributing or selling my zines for me, and mentioning my zines in their articles or books, which all absolutely make my day.

Without a mutually-supportive zine community zines would only exist as deserted islands, which would be pretty sad. That’s why I’d like to show you some ways in which you can help to sustain zine projects and help to grow the zine scene.

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Interesting stuff on the web: zine podcasts, radio, and audiozines

There is an ever-growing amount of podcasts online that are being made by zinesters or talk about zines so it seemed about time that I collected them and shared them with you. I like to think that podcasts can be seen as the audio equivalent of zines, so they are an excellent medium to be used by zinesters or to discuss zines.

Below I’m listing all of the podcasts I’ve heard of and/or listened to but if I forgot to mention any – which is very likely – please let me know in the comments.

And for now, enjoy listening!

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ZineWriMo 2019: day 18-24

This week I didn’t get to do many of the recommended ZineWriMo prompts. There were a lot of fun ones though, like making collages, showing your zine space/tools/collection, and creating a 24 hour zine but I just didn’t have time… Maybe I’ll do them next week instead, or focus on other ziney projects.

I did do the “read zines” prompt: I chose Ladyfuzz #5, a feminist music zine from the UK, which I enjoyed reading a lot. I’ll mention it in my mini-review section soon.

What I also accomplished was finishing and scanning all the pages of my half of the splitzine! Now all I have left to do is edit them in Photoshop and place them in the right order in InDesign to make a pdf ready to print. I can’t wait to see Kirsty’s half! To be continued…

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Two upcoming craft fairs

Hello! We have two upcoming craft fairs:

  • Let’s LousART christmas market
    Sunday November 24th (today!)
    Buurtcentrum Lousberg in Ghent, Belgium
    Facebook event
  • Marché creatif féministe
    Sunday December 8th
    Poisson Sans Bicyclette in Brussels, Belgium

I’ll be selling my postcards, buttons (including those of Lavender Witch), and lavender bags. At the feminist market, I’ll bring my zines too.

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