10 years of ECHO: anniversary releases

So ECHO exists 10 years in 2011 and that’s why I’m planning some anniversary releases:

  • First of all, I’m working on the 5th issue of Same Heartbeats zine. You can expect lots of feminist activist and DIY content! The zine is far from finished yet, so have some patience and in the meanwhile check out the other Same Heartbeats zines.
  • I’ve been working on it for more than 10 years, but 2011 would be the perfect year to finish the demo CD (or tape, not sure yet) of my one-grrrl-band Lost Luna. It will be called “Demolish” and apart from music, it will contain a short hand-drawn film too.
  • Another publication, and this is a special 10-years-of-ECHO-release, will be ECHOTOPIA: The best of ECHO. It will include essays and drawings from the earliest ECHO zines such as Punk Feminist Mini Zine, Flapper Gathering and Radix, as well as new unreleased material.

Check this blog regularly for updates and news!

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