Contributions wanted for Scumgrrrls magazine

A message from our sisters of Scumgrrrls magazine:

The trilingual Belgian feminist magazine Scumgrrrls is looking for contributions! We’d like images of all kinds: drawings, comics, illustrations, collages, photography… all black & white. The central theme of this issue will be connections/bridges/links but there will be articles on other subjects as well. Articles we’re writing include:

  • Ladyfest
  • Palestine: for the rights of women, against the occupation
  • The biopolitics of assisted reproduction in Isreal
  • About the word feminism
  • Radical feminism and trans feminism
  • Connecting readers and writers in DIY media
  • Different generations of feminists/feminisms
  • Slutwalk
  • LGBT vs feminism
  • Intersectionalisms
  • Pinkwashing
  • Prostitution in the Netherlands

Are you interested in contributing? Let us know asap! And thanks in advance! You will be eternally rewarded with gratitude and you will receive a copy of the issue in which your image appears!

If you don’t know Scumgrrrls, take a look here:

Mail to loseluna(at)

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