Looking back at Ladyfest Brussels 2012

I love Ladyfest. Ever since the first one I went to (and helped organise) in 2002, I’ve been fond of these feminist DIY festivals. They encourage creativity, activism, friendships, networks, traveling, sharing, sisterhood…

Last weekend I went to Ladyfest Brussels. Again I was overwelmed. And now I feel a bit home-sick (the only disadvantage) but happy to have been there.So what did this Ladyfest offer? Self-made cookies and cake, great bands, a temporary zine library, a longboard workshop, a film about radical cheerleading, a feminist tattoo contest, crazy dancing, meeting old and new friends, reading the brandnew issue of Scumgrrrls magazine, a jukebox with old records on a shopping cart, and much more!

Here you can read a report of Ladyfest Brussels 2012 and see some photos.

Maybe some day Vagina Dentata can play at a Ladyfest? It would be an honour.

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