Writing zines, making Same Heartbeats #5

It always takes me a while to finish a new issue of Same Heartbeats zine. The writing needs editing, the illustrations take time and dedication, the layout requires some thought and experimentation. I try to make each issue slightly different and hopefully better than the previous, both content-wise and visually.

A zine is not just a blog article. It will be printed. This gives it a more final feeling for me. It also seems more special, more real. Still, zines can be playgrounds for experimenting and trial and error. Everything that is created is OK, it doesn’t have to be perfect (even though each zine maker might want it to be). At one point you have to let go and head to the copycenter.

The 5th issue of Same Heartbeats is also my 19th zine (collaborative zines not included) and the 23rd publication/creation of ECHO (both zines and music included). Pfew… I’ve been making zines for 11 years now and actually that’s quite a lot. But I don’t want to stop yet. Too many plans and ideas and too much fun!


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