International Zine Month: day 23 (make a 1 page zine) – day 24 (organise your zine collection)

Day 23 of International Zine Month:

IMG_7024webFollowing this example I made a one-page zine of a mini-zine. I decided to write about how to make zines (written in Dutch), so I can use it for the workshop on Zine-Knutsel-Dag too. All participants will receive a copy of the mini-zine.

It’s quite easy to make a one-page zine and of course very cheap to make lost of copies. You only need one side of the A4 piece of paper but you can use the other side as a post if you like. By folding it and cutting some parts, it becomes a booklet.

Download and print it here.


Day 24 of International Zine Month:

IMG_7026webMy personal zine collection is spread over 2 cities at the moment so organising is completely will be for another time… I like to organise my zines by subject / type of zine because it’s nicer when looking for something specific. Some subjects / types of zines I’ve used so far include: music fanzines, riot grrrl zines, feminist zines, perzines, comic zines, political pamphlets and papers, zines about animal rights/ecology/vegetarianism, DIY how-to manuals… These seem to be most of the zines I own.


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