International Zine Month 2013: what was it like?

Today is the final day of this year’s International Zine Month. It was the first time that I participated from the beginning until the end, although I didn’t take part in every activity / each day.


1 – Sign up or sign in to and write about IZM and what you plans are to celebrate zines this month! Feel free to write about it on your personal site as well!
-> I wrote about it on this blog but not on Wemakezines.

2 – Make a Top 10 list of reasons why your love zines, post them online if you would like. -> You can read my list here. After posting my top 10 list and reading those of other zinesters, I felt like adding so much more reasons. Conclusion: zines rule!

3 – Zine Distro Appreciation Day! Order from a zine distro.
-> /

4 – Reread your favorite zines and remind yourself why you love them so much.
-> I reread parts of This is Still Not About Your Favorite Band and Eye-Scream #1 and looked through other favourites. Nostalgia!

IMG_6969web5 – Teach yourself a new zine skill: learn how to book bind, make a 1 page zine, photocopier art, etc.
-> I learned to make a microzine in playmobil size! Ingrid and my playmobil figures seemed to enjoy helping me and reading it when it was done. 🙂

6 – Check out and add your zine or update existing entries.
-> Updated the entry for my zine Same Heartbeats. Not much news though. Feels a bit strange to write an entry about myself.


7 – Make or decorate some envelopes or postcards to get ready for the week.
-> I decorated several envelopes and had fun doing it! And of course I totally appreciate snail mail, letters and mail-art. Nothing more fun than waking up to see a package or letter in your mailbox.

8 – Make a little flyer for your zine to send out with orders and see if other people will trade for stacks of them so you can all promote each other.
->No new zine to promote since last year… Gotta get off my ass to make some more new zines fast!

zinerevolutionaryweb9 – Write a letter to a zine maker that you don’t know.
-> I wrote to Tukru of Your Pretty Face Is Going Straight To Hell. Although I don’t know her personally, we did trade zines at Queer Zine Fest in London last year.

10 – Send a care package to a zine creator that you do know.
-> I sent a care package to Melanie of Colouring Outside The Lines and Shape & Situate. I wasn’t really sure what a care package is supposed to contain, so I filled an envelope with various nice stuff, from tea bags to stickers.

11 – Make some mail art!
-> Obvious mail-art-receiver-choice: my pen pal / friend Kim!

12 – Send your zine out to be reviewed.
-> I sent Same Heartbeats #5 to Maximumrocknroll, a notorious American punk zine that started in the 80s, reviews music and zines and has positively reviewed Same Heartbeats #4 before.

13 – Zine Trade Day! Ask someone if they would like to trade zines with you.
-> Didn’t ask anyone in particular that day, but if someone wants to trade zines now, I’m still up for it!

14 – ValenZINE’s Day! Write to your zine crush, or write to
-> I want a zine crush! (Well, maybe I have one: Donna Dresch, but she doesn’t write zines anymore I think and I don’t know to which address I should send my zine crush letter.)


IMG_7017web15 – Leave a zine in public for someone else to find.
-> I put my zine Same Heartbeats #5 on a bench in a park in Gent.

15 – Promote a zine that you really like that is not your own.
-> The personal/anarchist comic zine Morgenmuffel deserves endless appreciation and promotion!

16 – Send your zine to a distro for distro consideration.
-> /

17 – Review a zine online or write a review of a zine to add to your zine.
-> I reviewed the zine Scary Hairy for De Tweede Sekse blog. Another awesome zine you should check out!

18 – Order from a zine distro that you have never ordered from before.
-> /

19 – Zine Shop appreciation day! Stop by a shop that sells zines and buy some zines or consign your zines.
-> I wish there was one nearby…

img_7045web20 – Free Zine Day! Give your zine away to someone!
-> I gave one of my zines to one of my room mates.


21 – International Zine Library Day! Visit your local zine library!
-> Does working for the FEL library count?

22 – Send your zine to a zine library.
-> /

23 – Make a 1 page zine. Here are some instructions.
IMG_7020web-> Yes, I made one! And had fun doing it! Take a look at my mini-zine creation here. I was a bit hesitant at first, because I want BIG zines with lots of pages, not tiny ones. But it was created so fast and it’s so easy & cheap to print, so I started to like the 1 page zine anyway.

24 – Organize your zine collection.
-> I took some pictures of my zine collection but organising it is for later.

25 – Teach a friend or family member about zines.
-> /

26- Submit something to a compilation zine.
-> I intend to send a drawing to Shape & Situate but haven’t done it yet.

img_7048web27 – Organize a zine event! A zine reading or a zine fair or fest or even just for friends to get together and work on their zines.
-> Postponed until the next day

28 – Cook with a recipe from a zine or cook zine!
-> I did yesterday’s activity instead: organised a zine-making-event! It was a succes!

IMG_7103web29- Post a photo online of you with your zine or your zine collection.
-> You can see it here. –>

30 – Read some zines! Lay in bed and read zines all day if you can!
-> I should have done this… I had a day off at work, but too much on my mind.

31 – Log into WeMakeZine and write about your experience or write about it on your own blog.
-> It’s what you’re reading right now, although I published it one day too late


  • stripizm1bwwebRead a zine everyday
    -> /
  • Do a 24 hour zine (sign up here
    -> Next year I want to give it a try
  • Post your progress online on your blog or on We Make Zines
    -> Yes, you could read most of it here and on Echo’s facebook page.
  • Attend a zine event
    -> Unfortunately nothing happening nearby except the zine event I organised myself
  • Draw a comic each day and release them at the end of the month
    -> Yes! Finishing the comic right now.

Other people’s IZM experiences:

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