New zine – Same Heartbeats #6

IMG_8304webA new issue of Same Heartbeats, number 6, is out now! It was presented at Queer Zine Fest London on December 1st and is now available for mail-order, distros or trades.

In #6, travel stories take the upperhand again, from trips to London, Berlin, Amsterdam, to finally ending with a DIY/feminist tourist guide to Ghent. The zine talks about Ladyfests and zine fests, feminism, self-defense and learning how to play drums. It’s a mix of comics, drawings, collage and text.

This is the 26th publication/creation by ECHO. For more zines, click here.

Order: mail to

This zine and other recent zines from ECHO will be for sale at Zine Café.


Same Heartbeats #6 zine:
A5, 32 pages
1 zine = 2 euros + postage (discount for 5 or more copies)


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