24 Hour Zine Thing gathering: July 16-17th in Ghent, Belgium

FEL + ECHO organise a 24 HOUR ZINE THING Gathering in Ghent on July 16-17th 2014:

clockcolorsmall24 Hour Zine Thing is a challenge to make a zine of 24 pages in 24 hours. You can find the rules/FAQs here. It comes down to doing everything in 24 hours: writing, drawing, layouting, printing, folding, binding…

You can do 24 Hour Zine Thing anywhere in the month of July. Some people in Belgium decided to work on their 24 hour zine together at the same moment and place. We’ll meet at:

  • Wednesday-Thursday July 16-17th: you’re welcome from 2 pm for a short introduction about zines and after that you can start to work on your zine (you can come later too)
  • in Ghent, at walking distance from the Sint-Pieters train station (mail to felfeminisme@gmail.com for the address)

Let us know if you want to participate in this zine marathon or if you have any questions: felfeminisme@gmail.com. If you can’t join us on these days but intend to make a 24 hour zine anyway, let us know too! We’re interested in your zine!

IMG_7293webWhat is a zine:

zine is a self-made self-published low-budget magazine, booklet or comic. It can be about any theme(s) and visually look any way you want. It’s all about do-it-yourself! Or you can do-it-together. (If you want to make 24 Hour Zine Thing zine together with other people, each of you has to make 24 pages.

More info about zines and feminism (in Dutch!):


IMG_7024webIf you’ve never made a zine before, take a look at these how-to guides:

You can always ask advice to us too!

Collect all the materials you’ll need to make your zine.

You can already think about the format (bv. A6, A5, A4, A3, square…) and theme (can be anything, or different subjects together) or kind of zine you want to make (a feminist/queer zine, a perzine, fiction, a comic, a political pamphlet, a zine full of games/riddles, a cook zine…). But don’t start making the contents of your zine yet! That’s for the 24 zine day itself.

What to bring:

zinekopiemachineEverything you need to make your zine: paper, pens, pencils, eraser, laptop, typemachine, scissors, glue, magazines to cut up, glitter, yarn, a stapler, paper clips, stickers, a watch/timer, magical creativity tea, inspiring examples of zines… Possibly a sleeping bag.

We offer tea, biscuits, nice company, a paper cutter you can use and a living room to work in. Let us know if you want a sleeping place or want to work all night.
You can also (partly) work at your home. Just remember everything have to be done and finished within 24 hours and keep in mind the opening hours of the copy centers.

If you can’t make it to our gathering, you can let us know about the progress of your zine on facebook (event) or mail (FEL and/or ECHO). We will do the same and this way we can keep each other motivated. 🙂

IZMposter2014International Zine Month:

July is the international zine month (IZM), an entire month dedicated to zines! 24 Hour Zine Thing is one of the activities mentioned on the programme of IZM, but there’s much more, such as “read zines all day”, “send your zine to a distro for consideration”, “write a review of a zine”, “cook with a recipe from a zine” of “visit a zine library”. Will you take part too?

Click on this poster to see all of this year’s International Zine Month activities: ->

Last year I participated in several IZM activities and even made a comic zine about it (called Scissors & Chainsaws). You can read about it here.

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