Some ECHO news

Some news and plans for the future!

  • IMG_7025webI’m working on Same Heartbeats #7. First, I wanted it to be finished and printed by November for Zine Fest Berlin, but it will probably be finished sooner. This zine will include reports of Queer Zine Fest London 2013 and Doorbreek De Stilte, comics about Ladyfest Brussels 2014 and Vagina Dentata’s mini-tour to Leipzig, some feminist articles and more!
  • So yes, I plan to go to Zine Fest Berlin this year! Finally! Maybe to Ladyfest Berlin too  in August, but not sure yet. Other places where you can probably find my zines this summer: at Ieperfest on the FEL stand and at the Anti-Corpos/Vagina Dentata show on August 22nd in Ghent.
  • In July it’s time for International Zine Month again. The main thing I’ll do is 24 Hour Zine Thing. This means: making a zine of 24 pages in 24 hours! 😀 Do you want to participate too?


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