International Zine Month: day 1 – top 10 why I love zines

Today is the first day of this year’s International Zine Month! Again, there are lots of things you can do to celebrate this special month dedicated to zines. On the poster on the right, all the activities are listed. There’s something for every day of the month.

Today, you can write down a top 10 of reasons why you love zines. My list of reasons from last year can be found here. But I wanted to make a new list, to see if it would differ from the one of last year. So here it is:

  1. IZMposter2014Meeting other creative people or people with similar interests, making friends, the feeling of belonging to a DIY/zine/feminist/riot grrrl community.
  2. Creating something myself. Making my very own magazine completely from beginning to end. Holding the finished object.
  3. The idea of D.I.Y., that anyone can do this.
  4. Being free to write/draw on any subject, however unpopular or controversial, and being able to find zines on subjects and views that interest me but that aren’t represented in mainstream media.
  5. Zines as a tool for activist communication and alternative media.
  6. Getting the loveliest decorated snail mail and beautiful self-made creations in my mailbox.
  7. Expressing my thoughts, feelings and ideas on paper, learning and developing them by reading and writing.
  8. Experimenting with layout, paper, drawing styles, collage, print techniques, binding techniques…
  9. Easy and affordable to make and print with few means or barriers.
  10. They make great gifts and trading zines is the best! The non-commercial non-profit just-breaking-even idea. You just do it because you love (making) zines. ❤

It was easy to come up with reasons to love zines, but making a top 10 was much harder. Actually all these reasons together make zines so great!

Here you can read an article about why I like zines that I wrote a few years ago.

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