New zine: Same Heartbeats #7

IMG_9801webThe 7th issue of Same Heartbeats is still warm from the printers and waiting to be read by you!

Same Heartbeats is a feminist zine that mixes equal parts travel stories, craftivism, feminist theory and zine culture. This issue focuses on the local feminist movement, personal travel stories and women-only spaces/groups.

As always, this issue of Same Heartbeats is printed on recycled paper and tied with yarn. The cover is a lino cut, a self-portrait by zine-maker Nina, printed at the Royal Library in Brussels.

This issue includes:

  • a report of Queer Zine Fest London 2013
  • arguments for and against women-only spaces and groups
  • how to make a crafty pussy riot cat
  • a report of Doorbreek De Stilte, a meeting about violence against women
  • a comic about Ladyfest Brussels 2014
  • an interview with zine-maker Melanie Maddison
  • a comic about the mini-tour of Vagina Dentata to Leipzig
  • thoughts on sister cities and feminist communities

the making off…

A5, 32 pages, 2 euros + postage
Mail to: flapper_grrrl(at)
-> If you order Same Heartbeats #7 before the end of July, you get a free copy of my 24-hour-zine CuNt & Paste!

Other zines available as well: zine catalogue


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