International Zine Month: day 21-27

DAY 21 – International Zine Library Day! Visit your local zine library!

-> FEL is building a small zine library, alongside their slightly less small book library.

DAY 22 – Send your zine to a zine library

-> Making my package ready for the Making Art, Making Media, Making Change project

DAY 23 – Make a 1 page zine. Here are some instructions.

IMG_7024web-> Last year I made a mini-zine about how to make zines (written in Dutch). Mini-zines are great formats for a quick message and you can leave them around just like flyers for people to take home. Some day, I’d like to make a mini-zine about local feminist activism. Maybe next year.

DAY 24 – Organize your zine collection

-> packing my zine collection at my mom’s house and preparing them to move to my own place… all my zines will be re-united again! 🙂

DAY 25 – Teach a friend or family member about zines

DAY 26 – Submit something to a compilation zine

DAY 27 – Organize a zine event! any size! big or small!


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