Second edition of 24 Hour Zine Thing in Gent!

Because we had such fun the first time we made our zines together during 24 hours in July, we decided to organise another edition of 24HZT in Gent and not wait another year!

When? Friday and Saturday October 24-25th 2014 starting at 4 pm

Where? a living room in the centre of Gent, in Belgium

clockcolorsmallWhat? 24 Hour Zine Thing is an activity anyone can organise or participate in. You can do it on your own at home or together with friends (which is what we are doing). The idea is that everyone makes a zine in 24 hours.
On October 24th and 25th we’re getting together in a living room to work together and make our zines. Then we’ll try to get them printed anc copied within the 24 hours.

Mail to flapper_grrrl(at)  for more info or if you’d like to participate.

Info and photos about the first edition. Official website of 24 Hour Zine Thing (normally it’s in July, but we can bend that rule a little 😉 ).

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