New zine: Space Invasion

24 days after the second 24 Hour Zine Making weekend, ECHO presents:

Space Invasion, a 24-hour-zine


After the first edition of 24 Hour Zine Thing in Ghent in July 2014, several participants longed for another zine marathon. So there it was: the second edition of 24 Hour Zine Thing in Ghent on 24-25 October. During the first edition I created CuNt & Paste, a zine dedicated to feminist graphic art (posters, zines…). The second 24HZT event gave birth to a zine called Space Invasion.

IMG_1090webMade in a little bit more than 24 hours, Space Invasion is a collection of topics related to space and feminism. It includes writings on:

  • outer-space
  • adbusting and street-art
  • squatting
  • Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp
  • gender socialisation and taking space
  • street harassment
  • a lesbian-feminist haunted house

+ more!

If you want a copy of this zine, mail me at flapper_grrrl(at)

IMG_1091webFor now only the paper edition is available but I plan to make a digitalised pdf version in colour. The printed zine costs 2 euro + postage costs.

  • paper version printed in black/white (with blue cover and tied with yarn) – out now!
  • coloured pdf version (which you can also print yourself) – under construction…

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