Letter Soup – a 24 hour zine

IMG_2093webbWe did it again!

9 zinesters participated in the 3rd edition of 24 Hour Zine Thing in Belgium! This time it took place in Brussels. Most zines are printed now and available to buy/swap! I’ll post their zine descriptions and contact info on this blog asap.

IMG_2523webMy zine is called Letter Soup and it’s all about words, writing, talking and language. This includes:

  • consent
  • radical cheerleading
  • Andre Lorde’s view on silence
  • misunderstood words
  • being (called) shy
  • Sleater-Kinney (and their song “words + guitar”)
  • academic language
  • consciousness-raising groups

It’s 24 pages, all folded by hand, tied with yarn and with a self-made lino stamp on the cover. The lay-out is cut and pasted, with text, drawings and collages.

Get your copy by mailing me at flapper_grrrl@yahoo.co.uk.
Letter Soup costs 1 euro + postage. Or we can do a zine trade! (I’m especially interested in feminist / anti-racist / queer / comic / DIY / activist / perzines).
Distros who’d like to distribute Letter Soup can get it touch too!


This zine was presented at:

  • Alternative Boekenbeurs at De Centrale in Ghent – April 18th
  • Zine Happening at Lousbergpark in Ghent – April 11-12th

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