Same Heartbeats #8 – out now!

IMG_2524webIt was a long and hard delivery, but then again, it’s quite something to give birth to your 8th child!

Same Heartbeats gives you insight into the local, Belgian and European zine/ladyfest/feminist scene. This feminist zine has been going for 8 years and has covered a great number of feminist events and actions, shared DIY/craft ideas, reflected on feminist theory and activism, promoted zine culture and published travel stories and other personal-political writings.

IMG_2527webThe 8th issue of Same Heartbeats delves into the world of feminist festivals again: LaDIYfest Berlin, F-Word in Amsterdam, Et Biiim in Lille and Agitations in Charleroi. Just before its release, ECHO’s 24 hour zine Letter Soup rolled off the printers too. Same Heartbeats gives you the inside story for all 24 Hour Zine events that have taken place so far in Belgium (in 2014 and 2015). And what else? More personal-political writings, and even a call for a feminist strike!


  • 24 Hour Zine Thing in Belgium
  • Feminist festivals in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium
  • Some tips against feelings of depression
  • A call for a feminist strike against austerity measures and sexism in our movements
  • Analysis of racist and sexist responses to #wijoverdrijvenniet and #dailyracism
  • Feminist Zines Europe: a new feminist zine network

IMG_2526webAs always, Same Heartbeats combines text, comics and drawings, both hand-made and computer edited / layouted. #8 is an extra big issue: 36 pages instead of the usual 32.

Get a copy now! Same Heartbeats #8 costs only 2 euros + postage.
Mail to:
Distros, please get in touch. Open for zine trades too.

This zine was presented at:

  • Alternative Boekenbeurs at De Centrale in Ghent – April 18th

For previous issues of Same Heartbeats, click here, and info about all other ECHO zines can be found here.

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