reprint of Echotopia – now available

IMG_2533webNew copies of compilation zine Echotopia!

I did another print-run of Echotopia, a collection of writings, comics and drawings taken from zines I published between 2001 and 2011. The zine has been out of print for a while and I thought it was time for a reprint.

The cover of the reprint of Echotopia has a slightly different shade of recycled light orange-pink, but otherwise the content and layout has stayed the same. The zine contains articles and comics about a wide range of topics including squats, gender identity, beauty standards, zines, street harassment and more. It is a sort of best of of all the zines I wrote from 2001 till 2011. This includes my very first (mini) zine Punk Feminist Mini Zine! But there are fragments taken from out of print zines such as Flapper Gathering, Radix and some early issues of Same Heartbeats too. I think you can clearly see how my style evolves, especially my drawing and layout style, but probably the writing too. Still, I like to say that the issues that are addressed in Echotopia remain extremely relevant and I’m quite proud about how it turned out.

IMG_1650webWould you like a copy? Mail to:
1 zine costs 2 euros + postage
Available for zine trades and distros

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