International Zine Month: what I want to do this July

Because this is the 4th year I’ll participate in the activities proposed for International Zine Month 2015 by Stolen Sharpie Revolution, I’d like to change the program a bit for myself. I’ve already done most of the activities, so I don’t feel like repeating everything again. izm2015posterHere is a list of things I’d like to do this July (including some already mentioned in the original program, here on the right ->):

  1. make a new list of reasons why I love zines
  2. update my ZineWiki pages
  3. organise my zine collection and take a photo of it
  4. take a photo of my own zines
  5. make plans for a split zine
  6. decorate lots of envelopes
  7. design/make postcards to send out to snail mail penpals
  8. write a letter to a zine friend
  9. get my zines distributed
  10. send one of my zines out for a review
  11. make plans to trade zines
  12. read zines
  13. meet zinesters in Berlin
  14. visit the zine collection of the Archiv der Jugendkulturen in Berlin
  15. maybe visit other zine places in Berlin
  16. work on the 9th issue of Same Heartbeats
  17. write short reviews about zines I like
  18. have a zine table at an event
  19. discover new zine distros and order zines from them
  20. FREE ZINE DAY: give a zine away
  21. read ABOUT zines (+ make some publicity for the FEL library as it’s International Zine Library Day)
  22. write ABOUT zines
  23. design and print a new flyer to promote my zines
  24. help organise and participate in a zine-making meeting
  25. prepare a zine workshop that I’ll do with Marion and Gudl on August 5th
  26. submit something for a compilation zine: I’ve already started writing an essay for hoax
  27. make a one-page zine (I don’t know about what yet)
  28. donate some zines to RoSa, the feminist library in Brussels
  29. buy zines from a shop (possibly Housmans in London)
  30. maybe visit the zine collection in the British Library in London or have a zine picnic
  31. blog about zines and international zine month

+ extra: hope to play The Best Game Ever (because it’s about zines) a LOT!

So what are YOUR plans?


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