IZM: what I love about zines

Today is the first day of International Zine Month (IZM)! Hurray! For each day of the month, you can do stuff related to zine-making. Today, let’s think about all the reasons why zines rock our worlds.

So why do I like zines so much? (10 reasons in no particular order)

  1. zineBeing creative with the medium of paper, drawing, writing, collage, photography, lino print, book making, self-publishing…
  2. Trading zines and getting zines in the mail, it feels like the best presents because they are self-made with love
  3. All the ideas and views expressed in zines that I can’t read in mainstream magazines, all the underground bands that are covered, all the information that isn’t otherwise easily available…
  4. The complete freedom of making what you want, how you want, no censorship, no rules, no advertisers or editors to listen to…
  5. Zines are very affordable, you can trade or buy them for only a few euros and sometimes they are handed out for free. They are made for love and activism, not for money or a carreer.
  6. Feeling part of an open, creative, friendly community with similar ideas and dreams, even if you live in the most isolated town on earth (as long as there’s a post office nearby, you’re ok)
  7. The DIY idea that really anyone can make a zine. It’s a very accessible medium to participate in and this participation is highly encouraged
  8. Zine activities such as zine fests, zine fairs and zine workshops: meeting other zinesters and making zines together
  9. Getting feedback from readers and knowing that spam or hate mail are rare in zine world (at least I haven’t gotten any yet, it’s fairly safe to publish personal stories)
  10. Something to hold, something tactile and beautiful, something to take with you to read anywhere you go (a bit lighter than a book and no batteries required)

Other reasons I wrote for the past editions of International Zine Month:

And an article I wrote about why I like zines

I guess I really like zines.

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