IZM: snail mail week

This week I planned to do some snail mail related stuff connected to zines because it’s “postal week”. I didnt really get everything done that I set out to do, but I still did some fun mail/zine things. — Recently, my friend Cathou gave me a lovely stamp set that I now used to decorate envelopes and cards. I really love stamps! Sometimes I try to make my own with lino. Here you can see some results of the stamps and a self-made lino in the shape of stars: IMG_3499web Some great news: Ana of Artificial Womb distro + zine from Scotland asked me to distribute my zines, and I gladly accepted! Yay! Heavy Mental from Berlin are also going to stock some of my zines. I’m usually quite bad at promotion/sales/distribution of my zines, but I’m making progress! Another thing that made me very happy is that Ana wants to make a split zine with me! Double yay! cropped-WOM-new-logo1 shafb-cover2I just finished reading this hilarious comic book, a collection of comic zines: The Super-Happy Anarcho Fun Book. You can read the comics online too and the zines are distributed for free. Maybe it’s only funny if you’re in some way into the anarchist/activist scene, but I’d recommend to check it out anyway. The comics make fun of everyone: all types of anarchists, liberals, hipsters, cops, peace activists, misogynists, eco-hippies, capitalists… There’s even a story in the book about a dumpster on its way to a G20 protest!

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