Some amazing feminist zines I recently read… (part I)

IMG_3482webThese are some amazing zines I recently read that I’d advice you to check out! I found them from a variety of places: zine fests / alternative bookfairs, distro orders, trading with the writers themselves, leftist book shops… I mentioned the website or email address of each zine so you can get a copy too.

This was my soundtrack of zines the past few months. ūüôā

I hope to write more short zine reviews soon, because there are many more zines I’d like to recommend and promote.

(These little reviews were written for International Zine Month 2015)

  • Flatbed-002_BMPAthemaura #3, 5, 7, …: (UK)
    The writer of Athemaura tells you about working part-time as a librarian, nice locations in London (like the radical bookshop Housmans), joining a feminist group, volunteering in a community garden and more. Everything is written in a down-to-earth, honest¬†and interesting way. It kind of reads like a friend’s letter.
  • Des vies en rose #4: (France)
    Almost every time I meet Mawy – who makes comics for this zine – we’re both ready with a new edition of our zines to trade. The same happened with this issue (swapped for Same Heartbeats #8). This issue has plenty of Mawy’s amazing feminist comics – I’m becoming a bigger fan each time I read new comics by her – including her 24 hour mini-zine! Des vies en rose #4 also has articles about animal rights, responding to accusations of misandry and living straight-edge/sober. That last article is a translation from English and I found it very eye-opening, because questioning substance (ab)use and living substance-free is such a taboo is radical subculture and activist movements these days. Published by les Flamands Roses, based in Lille, written in French.
  • tumblr_mpdmbeFpBU1rwq5p9o1_1280Grrrls in Subculture #1, 2: (Germany)
    Inspiring zine by Uzi about female punk culture that contains interviews with bands such as Beyond Pink, Landverraad and Bambix and articles about white male privilege in punk rock, punk motherhood, and more! Each time a very beautiful cover too! I look forward to the new issue that will come out soon.
  • Here. In My Head / Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell #7 / 14: (UK)
    A split zine by Catherine and Tukru. Both write in their own very personal way. Catherine’s side deals with shyness and appearance. Made me want to make a split zine too. Tukru writes about her home, roller derby and starting the Typical Girls event. Both use a nice oldschool cut-and-paste layout that I’m very fond of.
    Website Here. in my head / Website Your pretty face…
  • fb-closingMarching Stars Distro Zine: (UK)
    I loved reading about the herstory of¬†the long-running feminist zine distro Marching Stars. Unfortunately it’s going to stop soon, but this zine is a nice¬†ending of an amazing project. The distro will be missed, but running a distro on your own is¬†a hard job to do for so many years. Maybe this zine doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it certainly does for a zine-freak like¬†me.
  • Morgenmuffel #20: (UK)
    Even though this issue of Morgenmuffel is sad in several ways (probably it’s the last issue ever and it’s partly about the death of her parents), I liked reading Isy’s comics. Not as clearly anarchist/activist as the previous issues (no riots this time ūüôā ), but I don’t care. Instead, in this zine there are comics about moving and roller derby (seems like THE thing for feminist zinesters these days! Athemaura and Your Pretty Face is going Straight to Hell¬†write about it too).
  • The Swan The Vulture # 3, 4, 5: (USA/Germany)
    Anna Vo’s zine is talking about consent, abusive relationships, oppression… Not so easy to read because of the subjects, but very important stuff. Author Anna plays in several very cool bands too, like xfirstworldproblemx. During that band’s concert in Leipzig I met her, and¬†got to know her zines. Also check her interview-based zines Fix My Head.
  • TelegramMaam_22-001Telegram Ma’am #22: (Canada)
    Telegram Ma’am #22 is a bit sad at times, but also hopeful:¬†this perzine is about the zine adventures of its writer such as going to the zine residency in Halifax and traveling. Pocketsize and nice old-school cut-and-paste style. The author writes the zine Telegram too.
  • Zugezogen: (Germany)
    If you can understand some German, I very much recommend this personal zine about traveling back home and comparing the writer’s current place of residence (Berlin) to where she grew up (rural Germany). Very honest and recognisable if you’re from a small town and moved to a big(ger) city too. It’s hand-written and includes little drawings. Same author as Grrrls in Subculture, mentioned above.
  • Also check all of the zines mentioned here.

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