IZM: zine stuff in Berlin and Ghent

IMG_3640webLast week, Jo and I went to Berlin for a few days… I love the city! There’s so much to discover, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored: The parks, little co-op shops, (former) squats, street-art, vegan places… But I won’t write an entire travel story here. Just mentioning some cool zine places that we visited (because it’s still International Zine Month):

  • IMG_3668webThe Archiv der Jugendkulturen is currently expanding its collection of queer-feminist zines. So contact them and tell them about your zine! The archive is pretty awesome inside! They have books, magazines and zines on all kinds of youth and subcultures from riot grrrl to Jewish youth and of course lots about self-publishing and zine culture too.
  • The alternative women-run sex shop Other Nature has a big box full of zines for sale and some zine-books! Very friendly place!
  • The Homosexualities exhibition in the German Historical Museum includes a few queer zines and is in general worth a visit!

impressed by the Archiv der Jugendkulturen: I even found one of my old Flapper Gathering zines in their collection!

In Berlin, I was also happy to meet Uzi who makes the zine Grrrls in Subculture, Nadine of Heavy Mental distro (traded copies of my zines for lots of amazing zines!) and Luka who made her thesis about menstruation in queer zines.

Other ziney things I did this week and last week:

  • IMG_3754webWriting short reviews about zines I recently read and liked a lot.
  • Reading the zine Zines in libraries: collecting, cataloging, community.
  • Making plans to trade zines with Hadass.
  • Tabling with Misha and Jo at the annual Mosh Potatoes festival in Ghent: There was quite some interest for the FEL and ECHO zines! We were also happy to see Anti-Corpos live. Lesbian-feminist hardcore punk rules! There was even a funny meta-zine moment of Anti-Corpos members holding one of my zines with a picture of Anti-Corpos members holding another zine with a drawing of an Anti-Corpos member… That’s double meta! </geek alert>

IMG_3728webPS. On July 21st it was International Zine Library Day! Check out the feminist library of FEL based in Ghent, which contains feminist books and some zines about a variety of subjects! We still need to add some recent acquisitions to our online catalog (especially zines) but if you like, you can already make an appointment to visit the library. We are all volunteers, so keep in mind we’re not open every day! Zines can be consulted in the library and books can be borrowed.


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