IZM: last days of July 2015

10983142_911208888943117_2460543458270661825_oInternational Zine Month 2015 (IZM) ended a few days ago. But that’s no reason to be sad. It won’t stop us from making zines of course! For example tomorrow, Marion, Gudl and I will give a zine workshop during the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival. Come and join us! And on the 22nd Jo and I will give a zine workshop in Cologne, Germany. Yay!

But let’s look back at July now. At the end of last month I went to the UK so I didn’t have time to do much zine-related stuff, as I was enjoying the English country/sea side. It’s so beautiful! 😮 On my way back to Belgium, I did spent about an hour or so at the radical bookshop Housmans in London, just before running to the eurostar train. They have a few boxes full of zines besides a LOT of interesting books on feminism, peace activism, anarchism, art… and some nice political postcards. Next time I’m in the UK, I’d like to visit some of British and Irish libraries that carry zines in their collection. I’d also like to go to some more zine fests, zine workshops, zine fairs and other zine projects in the UK. A few years ago, I very much enjoyed the Queer Zine Fest in London. Better keep an eye on the facebookgroup Feminist Zines in Europe to be up to date and this page mentions some cool zine-related projects that are based in UK too.


So how was International Zine Month this year? I had the impression more people participated, at least as far as I know. This year I didn’t do a “big project” such as make a 24 hour zine or a 31-day comic, but I’m happy I got to do a few zine-related things such as explaining why I love zines, updating my zinewiki, taking a picture of my zines, organising my zine collection, reading zines, reading a zine book, planning a split zine, making mail-art, writing reviews about zines, going to an archive and a shop that carry zines in Berlin, tableing with zines, meeting zinesters, trading / getting my zines distributed, making a flyer to promote my zines, writing about zines… Not all the things on my to do list happened, but I can maybe do them next year. So all in all it was a lot of fun again!

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