Photos and download: queer zine workshop in Antwerp

IMG_4250webWhat a fun day! The workshop that Marion, Gudl and I gave at the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival on August 5th went very well. The participants were all so enthusiastic and so were we. It was great working with everyone! And the zine we created together is so impressive! I’d like to thank everyone who participated and also Marion and Gudl for inviting me to do this workshop with them.


IMG_4208webWe started with some expanation about zines, a little bit of zine history, the link between queer and zines, safe spaces and how we were going to make a collective queer zine together. There we examples of zines and books about zines for documentation and inspiration purposes and lots of cool materials to make use of: glitter star stickers, diverse collage materials, letra sets, stamps, etc. You can see the result of the workshop here:

Download the zine: Queer-my-ass

Here you can see some more photos of the workshop:

IMG_4205web IMG_4209web    Making the zine:

IMG_4230web IMG_4226web IMG_4218webGathering the zine pages:


The original master copy:





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