Some photos of COVEN festival

I had the pleasure to go to COVEN festival last weekend in Cologne (Germany) where Jo and I were invited to give a workshop on zines.


In the workshop we discussed about what zines are and then went on to make folded mini-zines. What’s nice about mini-zines is that they are easy to make in a few hours. The mini-zines that were created during the workshop were real poetic and fun treasures!


I think zines are taking an important place in the DIY-queer-feminist movement. There are so many zine events lately and more and more women/trans/girls who are making zines. This year I was asked to do 3 zine workshops, more than ever before, and the year isn’t over yet! I think it’s a perfect medium to get our voice out there, uncensored, without any polished “perfection”, just saying what we want to say right now in our own creative form and sharing it with others.

IMG_4450web IMG_4526web

Other workshops at the festival were about fat empowerment, jamming / making music, bike repair, queer refugees… and in the evening there were films, yummy vegan food, performances and concerts by Roads & Shoes, Baby Fire (from Brussels, we almost traveled together!), Respect the Hurricane and Pandora’s Bliss.

 IMG_4533web IMG_4557web

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