Making zines in Lille and Brussels

IMG_5201webLast week the second edition of the DIY feminist festival “Et Biiim” was organised in Lille, France. The program looked so interesting! A Take Back The Night (“marche de nuit”), discussions on various feminist themes, workshops, concerts and parties… On Friday and on Saturday there were 6-hour zine workshops. Chouette! As I was tired/ill, I only went 1 day (and sadly missed the “marche de nuit”), but I was happy I did go on Saturday!

IMG_5206webI feel lucky that Lille is so close to Ghent and that there’s a direct train connecting both cities. In Same Heartbeats #7 I wrote about the sister cities Brussels and Ghent, about how both feminist communities seem somewhat connected and I feel part of both, and for me Lille is a sister city too! Feminist friends travel between all 3 cities, try to attend each other’s events and forge friendships. I definitely want to visit Lille more often!

IMG_5205webThe zine workshop was less about teaching what zines are and more about trying out and making zines: you could come and go whenever you wanted, make a page or more, or just have some soup, it was quite relaxed and improsived. The idea was to make a zine together that could be an insert in the next issue of Des Vies En Rose, the zine of Les Flamands Roses. The location where the workshop took place – J’en Suis, J’y Reste – is the local LGBTQIF Centre (F stands for fĂ©ministe!). It’s such a cozy and homely space, I loved it immediately! It was the perfect place for a zine workshop, or to just relax, chat and read zines.

IMG_5193web IMG_5204web

IMG_5240webGoing back home, I had something to look forward to the next day: more zine-making! On Sunday, a still nameless group based in Brussels that brought you the Lesbian Pulp Fiction show and Re-reading Wittig events in the past years had a meeting. This year the group is making a zine on the theme “lesBIan-feminist-women’s spaces”. So we had a long and fun Sunday afternoon get-together to write, draw, layout and edit our zine. During the Pink Screens film festival in November some of the pages will be exhibited at Cinema Nova in Brussels and during L-festival some members of the group will give a workshop on making mini-zines. We hope to have the zine ready to sell during those events too!

Aaah, I think there’s nothing I love doing more on weekend afternoons than making zines together with feminist-minded friends!

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