Same Heartbeats #9 – making of a split zine

IMG_5184webSo Same Heartbeats #9 is almost finished and as you may or may not know, it’s going to be a split zine! I’m making this zine together with Ana Hine, who runs the fantastic feminist arts zine Artificial Womb. Check out her previous issues, you’ll love it!

Because Ana and I hadn’t decided yet who would make the final pdf in InDesign, I started drawing and writing mostly on paper. So then it would be easier to scan and send digital images of each page. I admit that I also just enjoy doing a lot of zine artwork by hand. Here you can see some drawings in progress and also the editing in photoshop.

IMG_5187webWhile working we’re sending drafts by facebook and snail mail. We live in different countries, so meeting in person wasn’t really an option. We’ve been sending our zines to each other before, and Ana is distributing some of my zines in her distro too. I think snail mail makes our collaboration feel more tangible and intimite. It bridged the distance between the cities where we live! (Some day I want to make a patch or button that says “Hate snails, love snail mail” :p )

My side of the split zine will be about:

  • feminist festivals, zine events, traveling, concert of L7
  • new comic featuring Chainsaw Bunny
  • my band Vagina Dentata
  • and more…

IMG_5266webNow I’m thinking about how to print and bind the zine. I like recycled paper for obvious ecological reasons and for the less-blindingly-white colour. As a synesthesist I connect the number 9 with lila/purple/grey so I’ll look for this colour of yarn to bind the zine. It would be nice too, if Ana’s and my copies or binding are slightly different. We’ll see!

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2 Responses to Same Heartbeats #9 – making of a split zine

  1. Ana Hine says:

    I have lots of coloured threads. I’ll send a few options to you in the post along with some new pages.

    So excited we’re doing this!

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