Unruly Bodies – the zine reading room

IMG_5391webOn October 29-30th, Sophia an organisation which promotes gender studies in Belgium, organised their yearly colloquium in Brussels. This time the theme was “unruly bodies”.

The first day took place in KVS and was targeted at a larger audience with debates, (short) documentaries, performances and talks about racism, class, illness, age, disability and fat. It was such an inspiring day, I’m proud of my friends who were organising it!

On the second day, in Amazone, the focus was more academic, but there was still space for activists and artists. For example, there was a workshop of Alexander Technique, an exhibition of Megan Beard’s embroidered artwork, an ongoing workshop to de/reconstruct your clothes, panel debates about topics ranging from mental illness to queer identities… And there was my zine reading room, zine shop and ongoing zine workshop.

IMG_5393webHere you can see some photos of the zine reading room and workshop at the Unruly Bodies colloquium in Brussels on October 30th 2015:


IMG_5442web IMG_5388webIMG_5384web IMG_5443web

(In Same Heartbeats #10 coming out somewhere next year, I’ll write more extensively about the colloquium)

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