Zinefest Berlin – some photos of my trip

On November 7-8th I went to the Zinefest in Berlin. It was my first time there, so of course I was very excited. I was tableing on both days, but still had plenty of time to chat with other zinesters, look around and buy/trade zines, listen to some of the zine readings, go to the “visibility and diversity in illustration” workshop and take photos.

Here you can see the entrance of the zine fest:

IMG_5633web IMG_5669webIMG_5670web IMG_5610web

The open zine wall looked so nice! People who didn’t have a table to sell their zines, could leave some copies there, mention a price and collect the money that was left at the end of the day. And of course there were also yummy vegan cakes by Minor Treat… here’s a biscuit that has a “zines” decoration:

IMG_5643web IMG_5694web IMG_5689web

The zine forest made by ReKult from Amsterdam:

IMG_5645web IMG_5646webIMG_5583web IMG_5584web 

Here’s a zinester reading from her zines and my table on the first day (already sold out some of my zines and sold almost all of them at the end of the second day):

IMG_5598web IMG_5667web

See you next year!

Found plenty of interesting zines in Berlin:


Website zinefest Berlin

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4 Responses to Zinefest Berlin – some photos of my trip

  1. Hadass420 says:

    This is awesome! I love all the extras they had there (like the treats and the forest). How wonderful 🙂

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