Mini-zines on how to make your own zine (ENG/NL/FR) – download

IMG_6214webA few years ago, during International Zine Month, I made a mini-zine on how to make zines called “Hoe maak je een zine?”. It’s a short practical guide with basic info on how to make your own zine. I wrote it in Dutch to appeal to local audiences and to encourage Dutch-speaking people to make more zines.


IMG_6210webAbout a month ago I decided to make a translation in English and now – because Jo and I were giving a zine workshop in Brussels – there is a French translation available too, with help from Jo and Floh.

Whenever I’m tableing with my zines, I try to bring some copies of these mini-zines, but you can download and print them for free too! Here are the links:

  • IMG_5136webHoe maak je een zine – pdf (colour) pdf (black & white)
  • Make your very own zine – pdf (colour)
  • Fais ton propre fanzine – pdf (colour)

And finally, during a workshop in the summer I made another mini-zine with reasons why I like zines, written in English, called “Why I like zines”. You can download and print it too:

  •  Why I like zines (more info) – pdf (colour)


Look here for instructions on how to fold the zines.

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