New zine – Same Heartbeats #9 / Artificial Womb special issue (split zine!)

bunnyreadingartwombshb9webI’m proud to announce the new zine:

Artificial Womb ALFA / Same Heartbeats #9

Here it is, the first split zine I ever participated in! For this zine, I collaborated with Ana Hine, who’s based in Scotland and who runs the feminist arts zine Artificial Womb. She made a special personal edition of her zine and I delivered half of the pages as Same Heartbeats #9.

artwombshbinsidewebIn my half of the zine, you’ll find:

  • reports on zine-related events
  • going to see L7 in Paris
  • a short introduction to my band Vagina Dentata
  • a new comic featuring Chainsaw Bunny
  • a report on F-Word, the feminist DIY festival in Amsterdam

artwombshbcoverswebIn Ana’s half you’ll find:

  • comics (illustrated by Alfie Pound) about her job as her struggle working as a tabloid journalist and recovering from a mental breakdown after leaving that job
  • thoughts on relationships and marriage
  • an interview with Alfie on how he quit his job to become an artist

shbartwombtitleswebSo you get 2 zines for the price of one! 🙂

It’s a total of 32 pages, A5 format, printed on recycled paper and tied with lilac cotton yarn.

Curious to know more about Ana and my colaboration? Read more about the making of of this split zine.

artwombshb9bunnywebHow to buy a zine?

1 zine costs 2 euros (postage not included)
Mail to
I have paypal (with another e-mailadres) and I accept zine trades too!

Distros, get in touch too!


Next month, Artificial Womb ALFA / Same Heartbeats #9 will also be available from Artificial Womb distro.

Thanks for the collaboration, Ana!!


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