Where We Belong – the zine, the exhibition and the workshop

IMG_6271webWhere We Belong is the zine made by a nameless lesBIan-feminist collective in Brussels who organised the Lesbian Pulp Fiction Show at the queer film festival Pink Screens last year and before that Re/Reading Wittig meetings.

This year the collective decided to produce a zine about lesBIan, feminist and/or women’s spaces. Making this zine was a fun experience, not only the actual making, cutting & pasting of the pages and designing the cover on the fridge of one of the members of the group, but also the conversations and cosy get-togethers with the group, each time at someone’s house, often sharing food.

The zine was finished early November. Some pages of the zine were exhibited at Pink Screens in Brussels, where the zine was sold too, and at the L-festival we gave a workshop on how to make your own mini-zine.

The zine is still for sale for 2 euros + postage. It counts 40 pages and is written in English and French with a bit of Dutch. Mail to the group wherewebelongzine@gmail.com or to me flapper_grrrl@yahoo.co.uk for a copy.

Here are some photos of the exhibition at Pink Screens:

IMG_6121web IMG_6131web  IMG_6127web IMG_6148webIMG_6152web

And the workshop at L-festival:

IMG_6207web IMG_6204web


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4 Responses to Where We Belong – the zine, the exhibition and the workshop

  1. Marit says:

    I came about your website just now, I am looking for contacts with feminist collectives in Brussels as I am trying to start an artistic platform for female women in the Arts here in Belgium.
    Would you have any suggestions on people/collective that are actively working here and that might be open to share their ideas or thoughts?
    Would indeed be a great help for me as I am new in Brussels!

  2. rebelsister says:

    Hi Marit,
    here are all the collectives (and other projects) I know of in Brussels:

    Amazone: documentatiecentrum en steun voor de vrouwenbeweging
    Bitchcraft: queer-feministisch collectief
    Cercle Féministe d’ULB: studentenvereniging
    Dragkings of Brussels
    ella vzw: gender en etniciteit
    Elles Tournent: vrouwenfilmfestival
    Fat Positivity Belgium
    Games Ovaires: festival
    Garance: zelfverdediging
    Genres Pluriels: intersekse en transgender
    Hollaback! Brussels: acties en website tegen straatintimidatie (non-actief)
    Ladyfest Brussels
    LilithS: actiegroep
    Merhaba: holebi-trans-intersekse personen etnisch-culturele minderheden
    My Choice Not Yours
    Pink Screens: queer filmfestival
    Pullet Rocks: concerten en tentoonstellingen met vrouwelijke artiesten
    Rebel.lieus: veilige gelijke en toegankelijke publieke ruimtes voor iedereen
    RoSa: feministische bibliotheek
    Scumgrrrls: drietalig feministisch tijdschrift (non-actief, maar nog verkrijgbaar bij FEL)
    Shiftcore: queer festival
    Vigipub: actie tegen seksistische reclame
    Wereldvrouwenmars: wereldwijde actie en solidariteit
    Wittig/pulp/space: les/bi feministische leesgroep met verschillende projecten

    links you can find at: https://tweedesekse.wordpress.com/actie/
    Wittig/pulp/space is the group that made Where We Belong.

    Sounds like an interesting project you’re setting up! I would certainly contact Bitchcraft, Pullet Rocks and Rebel.lieus. And I’m also very interested, but I don’t live in Brussels (although I work there and am there a lot)

    • Marit says:

      Thank you very much for your help!
      I will check them out.
      I would be glad to have contact via e-mail, for me also to get some ideas about feminist concepts in Belgium and what is avaliable to research and who to meet. If you would not mind staying in touch of course.
      Brussels to is the first place to research, but it sure is interesting for me to take projects outside of the city.

      Have a great day!

  3. rebelsister says:

    you can mail me if you like: flapper_grrrl(at)yahoo.co.uk

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