10 years + 10 issues of Same Heartbeats – celebration brainstorm ideas

IMG_5126webbIn 2016, I’ll have something to celebrate! Same Heartbeats will have its 10th anniversary and #10 will come out! Also, ECHO will exist for 15 years! Isn’t that cause for a little celebration? 🙂

Same Heartbeats is by far the longest running zine I ever did. For #10, I’d like to do something special. But what is a good way to celebrate a zine birthday?

  • Extra-mega-super issue?
    The plan is to make Same Heartbeats #10 a bigger issue: more pages + a mini-zine included: “All about Chainsaw Bunny” + maybe a (double-sided) poster
  • Discounts and zine packs?
    Certainly! I plan to reprint Same Heartbeats #1-3, but as they are all old school cut & paste, I have to see if that still works…
  • More zine-themed buttons?
    Why didn’t I design any “same heartbeats” buttons before? 🙂 Can’t wait to make them…
  • Zine anthology book?
    There are several zine books out there, compiling (parts of) several issues of zines such as Shotgun Seamstress, Doris and Mend My Dress. I’d love to publish a zine book too, but I think it’s a little bit early still and it’s probably not so easy to find a publisher…
  • Zine event?
    For example a release party, mini zine/craft fair, zine workshop or zine reading / spoken word event. Sounds like fun, but I could use some help to organise it! Fairs and workshops are always good ways to promote zines and DIY culture and I love the idea of dancing to songs by the Copy Scams all night.
  • Lost Luna demo?
    Finally! I’m selecting songs as we speak and might make/record some new songs. Songs go back to when I only had access to a 4-track tape recorder, before digital recording tools such as Audacity. Listen to some recordings on myspace.


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