Survey – zines as life writing

Dear zinester,

I’m Nina, a zine maker based in Ghent in Belgium, and I’m doing DIY research into zines.

CIMG_6165weburrently I’m writing an article about (per)zines as autobiographies that will hopefully get published in the Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies (Dutch and English-language journal for genderstudies). It will be written in English Dutch, but I consider making a translation to English afterwards. If it doesn’t get published in this journal, I’ll try to get it published elsewhere, maybe in one of my own zines.

For this article, I’m researching (per)zines themselves and I’d also like to ask other zine makers some questions. If you make zines, are you interested in helping me out by responding to my questionnaire?

I’m especially interested in why zinesters publish personal experiences, diary excerpts, autobiographical elements and life stories in their zines. Is the medium of zines suitable for autobiographies and why? In my research, I’m focusing on (feminist) (per)zines by women, girls and transpeople, but anyone can answer.

Here is the list of questions I’d like to ask zine makers:

  • Your name, pen name or pseudonym?
  • Your gender?
  • Your age?
  • Where do you live (city/country)?
  • Name of your zine(s)?
  • How many zines have you made and how long have you been making zines?
  • How would you describe the zine(s) you make?
  • Which (personal/autobiographical) themes/subjects do your address in your zines?
  • How did you first discover zines?
  • What are the reasons you chose the medium of zines to write about personal experiences or life stories?
  • What are the advantages of zines for you?
  • What are the disvantages of zines for you?
  • Would you consider choosing another medium for your personal stories such as a blog, video, book, letters, diary, songs… or have you used any of these? If yes, in which way do you use them?

I would be very grateful if you decide to participate in the questionnaire, and if you prefer, you don’t have to answer all of the questions. By answering the questions, I will assume you’re giving me permission to quote you for my article (unless you ask me not to). Please tell me if you prefer to be quoted anonymously. In case I would like to ask some additional questions or ask for clarification of your answers, I will contact you again.

You can send your answers to: You can write them in Dutch or English. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I prefer to have the answers by April 4th  March 1st 2016, but no problem if you can’t make this deadline. I’m always interested in hearing/reading your responses and ideas!

Thanks a lot for your participation!

More info about my zines on my zine blog

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