Visiting zine libraries in Manchester

IMG_8023webWhile travelling through the UK in the last two months, I visited two zine libraries in Manchester: the Salford Zine Library and the Manchester LGBT Zine Library. I highly recommend any zine lovers to explore both of them!

The Salford Zine Library is located in the Nexus Art café in the north of Manchester. It’s a lovely place, with creative decorations, and crafts, smoothies and food for sale. Perfect place for a zine library!

The collection of SZL is very diverse. You can donate your own zine by dropping it in the special postbox in the library. (see image below)

IMG_8046web IMG_8041web

There is a message board too to post flyers and a cosy reading corner. I loved the painted door, the entrance to a whole zine universe. 🙂

IMG_7989webThe Manchester LGBT Zine Library has its own café too and is located in the Joyce Layland LGBT Centre. The library not only has zines, but also magazines (like Spare Rib) and lots of books on LGBT-related subjects. I noticed lots of zines which I have in my own collection too. 🙂

Inside the library you can also find a copy machine (used for zine workshops I think) and an exhibition of cross-stitched portraits.

The Manchester LGBT Zine Library also accept zine donations.

IMG_7955web  IMG_7964web

IMG_7959webOther zine libraries (= libraries with zine collections or libraries focussing specifically on zines) I visited so far are the Feminist Zine Library in London, the Archiv der Jugendkulturen in Berlin, and the Shelf Zine Library and the Infotheek in Ghent. Maybe I forgot one… Urgently need to go to La Petite Fanzineothèque in Brussels too. If you know of any zine libraries you’d like to recommend, let me know!

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