Some amazing zines I recently read… (part II)

IMG_7349webI’ve been reading so many zines lately, it’s hard to keep up writing reviews… (life of a zine lover is so hard 🙂 ).

The following zines I’ve read more or less recently, I recommend to check out and they should still available. More reviews should be coming soon because I couldn’t fit everything in here…

Enjoy! Go read the zines listed here and make your own (and let me know about it)!



  • il_570xN_958435438_ine3Artificial Womb #1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    Ana Hine edits the feminist arts zine Artificial Womb. It’s really a zine to keep your eyes on. Content-wise it has a mix of articles on various feminist topics (from menstruation and parenting to asexuality and body confidence), interviews, poems, comics and events happening in Scotland. It’s published every month and you can order it from etsy or take a subscription. Ana is also always looking for UK contributors, who are paid for their articles and artwork.
  • The Beginning of my Witchcraft Experience as a feminist anarchist dyke
    This zine fuses several passions of French artist Jil: witchcraft, nature, queerness and anarcha-feminism. It was made at one of the 24hr zine events in Brussels, which is impressive. It features her hand-made lino stamps, writings and drawings. A real treasure! Ask me for her contact details.
  • zine-4Dr. ZineLove #1 and A Resource Guide for Librarians and the Alternative Press
    Two perfect metazines for zine nerds like me, from the same writer as the lovely (hi)story zine Leon loves Clara. (about the inventor of the theremin and its first musician). Both zines tell you all you wish to know about zines and where to find them and are written by a passionate zinester from Ireland who also runs the Forgotten Zine Archive in Dublin.
  • Hypothetical Love Triangle #1, 2
    Henna Räsänen is an amazing cartoonist based in Berlin and I love her punky style. Her work was exhibited at the F-word festival in Amsterdam in 2015 and she makes this zine which collects her recent artwork and comics. I was happy to find them at the Zine Fest in Berlin and briefly chat with her. If you’re into queer humor and feminist comics, such as the by now notorious queer-feminist bingo and queer challenges, get this!
  • Lower East Side Librarian – Winter Solstice Shoutout #11, 12, 14
    cover-badbad1I guess you could say Jenna Freedman, the writer of LESL, is a real inspiration for me. She is the libarian at Barnard Zine Libary (an amazing female/feminist/minority-focused zine library at a women’s college in NY), makes zines and initiates several projects related to zine librarianship. In Lower East Side Librarian – Winter Solstice Shoutout, Jenna writes about zines and zine/book reviews, but she also reflects on travelling, reading on the metro, anxiety, her cats… Apart from writing LESL, she also makes other zines: An Hour from Now a collaboration with a best friend, The Authority of Doctor Who about library authority records for “Doctor Who” or “The Doctor”, a special zine tour edition of LESL and zines about menopauze and menstruation.
  • Momo #2, 4, 5
    Momo is Johanna Maria’s pocket-size perzine (= a zine about personal topics rather than for example purely political or fan-related topics). I like how her layout is different from most zines, made with a lot of dedication and care and it fits the literary and personal quality of the zine. In Momo, Joahanna Maria gathers thoughts about relationships, love, sexuality, wellbeing, traveling, belonging… Check her website, there’s lots of interesting information about the Leipzig queer-feminist-zine scene and she also distributes a few other zines she participated in. #3 is reviewed here.
  • Octopus and Too Much. Never Enough
    I’m a big fan of B.Carrot’s comics, who is part of the Zsa Zsa Zine collective in Amsterdam. How could I resist? Both of these zines, with each a beautiful colour cover on fancy paper, have comics in her awesome style about feminist and personal-political issues such as body hair, immigration, giving birth to a “tofu”, and street harassment. B.Carrot made comics for the Lawaai zine of the F-word festival in Amsterdam too and organised the feminist comics exhibition there in 2015. She also runs the 4XA5 project which invites DIY comic artists to make a comic on a folded A4 paper which is then sold together with other A5 comics in a envelope. Did I mention I’m a fan?
  • pandoraPandora Press #3, 4: (UK)
    Feminist zine made by the Swansea Feminist Network, edited by Catherine Elms of Here. In My Head zine. The theme of #3 is time and of #4 is pink which offer a great diversity of interesting articles and nice colour covers. I wish there was a zine like this in Belgium! Not sure if the zine still exists though…
  • Party fy yr wrld
    Little zine made by Comet Crowbar full of ideas to make parties more fun in a DIY way! The zine even looks like a party itself with all the decorations and colour! Comet has other cool self-made anarchisty zines available too in the Raumschiff distro. Everything is for sale on sliding scale.
  • Poor Lass #1, 2, 3, 4, 5…
    cover__568x800_I wanted this zine for a while and finally ordered it directly from Sugar Paper distro (who also make and sell Sugar Paper zine, see below). Seleena and Em edit this zine together and it’s full of contributions from other working-class women who write about their lives too. Each issue has a different theme about which they write: #1 is about work, #2 about neighbourhood and community, #3 about family, #4 about relationships and #5 about education. I just got word that #6 came out and focuses on health. One of the most valuable zines out there at this moment!
  • Pullet Rocks Fanzine #1
    Yay! Pullet Rocks, the Brussels collective who organise concerts and parties with women’s artists have made their own zine! This first issue introduces the group, talks about their trip to Paris to see L7 (I was there too, see Same Heartbeats #9!). It’s a bit thin, so it makes me hungry for more. 🙂
  • Purple Myrtle Squeegy #8, 11
    il_570xN_651249858_l3hdHadass has been making zines for over a decade, starting with Fallopian Falafel. It was a zine I had heard of years ago, even though I never saw a copy, and when she contacted me recently to do a zine trade, I gladly accepted. Now Hadass makes the personal zine Purple Myrtle Squeegy (PMS), all in great cut & paste style and pocket-size, with photos, flyers and typewriter font. She sent the issue where she’s traveling to Germany for a metal festival and an issue she made in 24 hours which is always cool.
    Shop + website
  • Sugar Paper # 9, 10, 12…
    cover__578x800_The ultimate craft zine and a great gift for yourself or other craft lovers, Sugar Paper is a zine full of craft “recipes” and creative ideas, and it even has little crafty presents with each issue! And it’s cheap too, only 2 pounds per copy. # 9 has free sequins and has a teen magazine theme, with crafty how-tos and other teenage fun that include tie dye t-shirts, crochet snood, resin knitting needles, a recipe for pesto, 90s film crossword, craft horoscopes and more. From the same zinester as Poor Lass. #10 is the party issue and #12 is the horror issue, which you should get just because.
  • Wet Socks #1
    Roller Derby seems to be the new big things for cool grrrls these days. Zinester and comic maker Justine who’s based in Ghent made her own comic about it. It’s a bit hard to follow if you don’t know the rules – they seem complicated! – but it’s so nicely drawn. You can read it online on issuu too. Justine hangs out with the VoiZines / Tieten Met Haar crew and also exhibited at the F-word comics exhibition in Amsterdam in 2015. Curious to see what she’ll produce next!
  • codeofethics_coverZines in Libraries: collecting, cataloging, community and Zine Librarians Code of Ethics Zine
    I love zines about zines. And also zines about zine librarianship, being both a zinester and librarian. Both of these zines give advice for librarians starting a zine collection. It’s very useful stuff, very necessary to read, certainly if you’re new to zines and want to build a collection of them in your library.
  • and finally I’d like to recommend ALL of Mawy’s supercool autobiographical feminist mini-zines (in French) which can also be read on her blog. Go read them now!

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