International Zine Month – some news

zine_1_origInternational Zine Month has officially started today! Hurray! It’s a good excuse to do some extra ziney stuff. There’s no calendar of suggested activities like the last few years, so I’ll just invent my own.

To start, I’m sending out some zines today to restock Artificial Womb distro, for a “zine santa” project, and for zine events taking place in the UK in July (Festival of the Perzine in London and Zines in the Suburbs in Milton Keys).

I intend to finish Same Heartbeats #10! And maybe do some things to celebrate its 10th anniversary, such as making special zine-related buttons. I already have some of those and I’ll post pictures soon.

24zinebelgiumlogowebAnd in August we just go on doing ziney stuff… because on August 20-21 a bunch of friends and I will organise another 24-hour zine challenge session – an event where participants make their own zine of 24 pages in 24 hours time – in Brussels. More details about the location and time soon. Start preparing mentally! 🙂

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