Zine sales! (international zine month)

This month it’s International Zine Month AND it’s sales season AND this year I’ve been making zines for 15 years now AND Same Heartbeats is celebrating its 10th anniversary! So that’s 4 good reasons why we’re giving you a 10% discount on all Same Heartbeats zines + the compilation zine Echotopia! They are all 1,80 euro (+ postage & packaging) per copy instead 2 euros. This is your chance to grab some very very cheap feminist zines and complete your collection! 🙂 The sales go from today till July 31st 2016.

  • artificialwombalfawebSame Heartbeats #9 / Artificial Womb split zine: INFO
    ECHO 033
    Split zine with Artificial Womb: Artificial Womb’s half is about struggling with a job as a journalist causing a mental breakdown, about recovery and about relationships, Same Heartbeats’s half is about zine events and feminist festivals, travelling and mapping the European feminist zine scene, L7…
    A5, 32 p, EUR 2 1,80 + p&p
  • IMG_2524webSame Heartbeats zine #8: INFO
    ECHO 031
    About feminist events (LaDIYfest Berlin, F-Word in Amsterdam, Et Biiim in Lille, Agitations in Charleroi), sexist and racist responses to sharing sexcist/racist experiences, fighting feelings of depression, feminist strike…
    A5, 36 p, EUR 2 1,80 + p&p
  • IMG_9801webSame Heartbeats zine #7: INFO
    ECHO 027
    About sister cities, Ladyfest Brussels, Doorbreek De Stilte, mini-tour with Vagina Dentata, Queer Zine Fest London, interview with zine-maker Melanie Maddison, women-only spaces and how to make a crafty Pussy Riot cat.
    A5, 32 p, EUR 2 1,80 + p&p
  • IMG_8304webSame Heartbeats zine #6: INFO
    ECHO 026
    About trips to London, Berlin, Amsterdam, a DIY/feminist tourist guide to Ghent, Ladyfests and zine fests, feminism, self-defense and learning how to play drums.
    A5, 32 p, EUR 2 1,80 + p&p
  • Same Heartbeats zine #5: INFO
    IMG_5027webECHO 023
    About consciousness-raising, herstory of feminist activists, call for action, recycling craft ideas, non-hierarchical organising in groups, Anneke Van Baalen, Bunnies On Strike, postmodernist language and thoughts on zines, libraries and research.
    A5, 32p, EUR 2 1,80 + p&p
  • Echotopia zine: INFO
    ECHO 22
    Echotopia is a collection of 10 years of Echo zines. It includes articles and drawings from Flapper Gathering, Punk Feminist Mini Zine, Same Heartbeats, Radix and Be All You Can Be and an old-fashioned but brandnew scene report! It gives a good overview of writings and images from 2001 to 2011 that talk about beauty standards, gender, autonomous spaces, independent publishing, punk and more.
    A5, 40p, EUR 2 1,80 + p&p
  • Same Heartbeats zine #4: INFO
    ECHO 021
    About revolution and building a feminist movement, women’s liberation rock bands, _ fest 2010, Heksennacht / Take Back The Night, Dolle Mina, leg hair and questions the accessibility of postmodern queer feminism.
    A5, 32p, EUR 2 1,80 + p&p
  • IMG_8492webSame Heartbeats zine #3
    ECHO 020
    About racism in activist movements, DIY vs professional artists, feminist herstory and waves, selfpublishing and feminism, Buy Nothing Make Something, Infomania, HexeNacht 2008, Civil Media 08, Zine/DIY Gathering, Ladyfest Liège 2009, L-Salon II and Elles Tournent 2009 and a DIY guide to guitar chords.
    A5, 32p, EUR 2 1,80 + p&p
  • SIMG_8491webame Heartbeats zine #2
    ECHO 018
    About autonomous media and craft activism, mini-Ladyfests in Brussels, Ladyfest Berlin 2007, Ladyfest Amsterdam 2008, queer fests, Audacity, cloth pads and recycling an old pairs of trousers to an apron/toolbelt.
    A5, 32p, EUR 2 1,80 + p&p
  • Same Heartbeats zine #1
    ECHO 016
    About DIY feminism activism, Ladyfest Amsterdam, Ladyfest Brussels, Ladies’ Room, Freak Out Fest, Up The Grrrls, craft and more.
    A5, 32p, EUR 2 1,80 + p&p


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