24 hour zine event – August 20-21 in Gent

  • When? August 20-21, Saturday- Sunday
  • Start: 15:00 (but you can start later too) till around 17:00 the next day (but you can finish earlier or a bit later too)
  • Where? Gent

24zinebelgiumlogowebThe next 24 hour zine event will take place in Gent again! Mail me for the exact address and if you’d like to participate.

The idea of this event is that each participant creates a zine of 24 pages within 24 hours, but even if we don’t always succeed in this goal, we have fun making zines together! Your zine can look however you want it to look and be about any subject/theme you like.

IMG_2464webZines we’ve made before were mostly made by hand and includes subjects like (radical) feminism, fiction/stories, home, femme identity, words & language, voice, feminist zines & posters, gender & space, …

Here you can find more info over 24 Hour Zine Thing, what zines are and how you can prepare.

What to bring:

  • zine-making equipment (paper, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, glue, scissors, collage materials, stickers, stamps, glitter, photos, whatever you like…)
  • sleeping bag and mat (in case you stay over, but let me know first!)
  • laptop (optional)

What is already there:

  • scanner
  • printer (bad quality though + limited ink available, only suitable for text, print images beforehand!)
  • paper cutter
  • tables & chairs
  • yarn to bind your zine
  • a garden
  • food: we buy vegan/veggie food collectively and ask you to contribute and on Saturday evening we’d like to go get fries nearby

Let me know if you want to participate or if you have any questions!

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