Looking back at the 4th 24 hour zine event in Belgium

This happened a little while ago, so sorry for this late report…

On August 20-21, we did another 24 hour zine thing event in Gent. We were 6 zinesters working on a great variety of zines! It was the last zine event taking place in my old home (because my room mate and me just moved out) and it was an excellent closure.

IMG_9863web IMG_9910web

I made my own zine about looking for a new home and the upcoming move. Other zinesters wrote about dancing, cross-stitching and sadness, accountability in feminist groups, a specific kind of monkey, and witches. The master copies all looked soooooooooo awesome, can’t wait to swap with the printed zines.

As usual the 24 hours turned out to be a bit longer for most of us, but the most important is having fun while making creative stuff. 🙂 I’ll post info about my own zine and all the other 24 hour zines that were made on this blog very soon!

The next 24 hour zine event will probably take place in Brussels. Check this blog for updates and news!

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