Distros, shops and libraries that stock my zines

LAST UPDATE: 23/02/2018

News: De Groene Waterman in Antwerp and Het Fort van Sjakoo in Amsterdam are stocking my newest zines Same Heartbeats #10 and In Movement.
Newer news: Toronto Zine Library has some of my zines in their collection thanks to the donation of Zippity Zinedra
Even newer news: 56a Infoshop in London and London College of Communication Library are stocking my zines, and Housmans and the Feminist Library in London have more of my zines now. Feminist bookshop Bluestockings in NYC also sells some of my zines now.
Update: 05/09/2018: some of my zines are distributed by Vampire Sushi distro.
Update 03/11/2018: added Chocs et Ennui to the distros.
Update 02/03/2019: added Zineklatsch Distro to the distros. Some of my zines are also now distributed in France by Thierry (distro has no name).
Update 27/05/2019: added Specialist Subject to the shops.
Update 27/08/2019: added LSE Library and University of Washington Libraries.

In these shops, distros and libraries you can find some of my other zines:



Penfight shop + distro



Archiv der Jugendkulturen




Specialist Subject shop

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