Feminist Activist Mini-Zine – new mini-zine

This mini-zine about feminist activism was made for Mini-Zine March 2017. It gives you ideas for actions, setting up a group, and participating in the feminist movement as a cisman, and contains a map of feminist projects to join or for inspiration.

Download and print the mini-zine here.
I decided to remove the download link because this zine is slightly outdated now. You can still buy it from me for only 50 eurocents + the price of a stamp though!

The original pdf is in full colour but you can print it in black & white as I did and choose a coloured paper (I chose lavender).

  • Folding instructions can be found here.
  • More mini-zines can be found and downloaded here.

Feedback always welcome!

Take care when engaging in any type of activism and let’s surf this feminist wave!


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