Zines I read in 2017 (part I: January – March)

Because reading more zines and books is one of my resolutions for 2017, I’d like to make a list of the zines and books I read and when time permits, add some reviews or descriptions. I’d like to read at least 10 zines (and 1 book) each month, but so far I already read over 70 zines! With books it goes a bit slower. So here we go, these are the zines I read from January to March 2017:


Here. In my Head #4
Marching Stars zine distro did their final sale (unfortunately) so I bought a lot of their stock. Among them plenty of UK perzines, like Here. In My Head. This pocket-size perzine by Catherine Elms talks about friendships, sexism, and things that cheer her up. The author’s writing-style feels like you’re having a conversation with her. Catherine Elms is a singer-songwriter too, so apart from her zines, check out her music too.

Opinionated Nobody #2
I was happy to discover Opinionated Nobody in Marching Stars distro’s sales. This second issue of the zine discusses lots of different personal stuff such as fat swimming and university bed(room)s.

Here. In my Head #5
Interesting read about girl-hate, self-loathing, and beauty.

Opinionated Nobody #3
About old friends, seasonal affectiveness disorder and being bras.

Opinionated Nobody #4
Nice reading about Leeds Zine Fest, as well as fat shopping, starting her MA (masters), going on holidays, and much more. Very personal and honest writing in cute layouts.

Opinionated Nobody #5
This issue is about Sheffield Zine Fest, Elementary (the series, yay!), growing vegetables, being a student again, and more.

Here. In my Head #8
More theorethical-activist inspired issue about menstruation, sex, and choice.

Mini-Zine / comic

Passion Prism
Mini-zine / comic

Super important zine made for ZineWriMo dealing with racist body norms. Unfortunately very limited edition and therefore no longer in print zine. I hope the zinester will continue publishing and on bigger print-runs! I’m happy to announce this zine has been reprinted and is available in the zinester’s online shop!

Little Baby in a Man-made Shell
Poetic mini-zine by the same author as Confessions.

Everything.Is.Fine vol.1 #4
Wow, this was not easy to read but at the same time I couldn’t put it down. Zinester Nyxia Grey talks about the suicide of her young niece and the horrible life she has lead. Nyxia writes very clearly and engaging, and despite the tough story, and also because of it, this will not let you go. Nyxia started a foundation to commemorate her niece and support young girls going to Girls Rock Camp. Sales from her zines and buttons will go to this cause too. Very important that her story is told, but take care when reading it.

Salutatorian #2
Salutatorian is made by a teacher who’s also a PhD student. She writes about her illness and struggle to combine her jobs while ill. She also writes about her mother and about rape culture in this issue.

Mythologising Me #3
There seems to be quite a lot excellent pocket-size feminist perzines being made in the UK these last few years. Mythologising Me is one of them. Honest personal stories in great cut & paste layouts.

A Visitor in Me #3
A lot of interesting writing related to friendship. Love the cut & paste style and title fonts.

One False Move #3
Cool cover, very intimate writing.

Shark Self-Help
Funny mini-zine abotu sharks seeking self-help, in colour

Terrible Comics
Silly (in a good way) DIY comics from Australia

Terrible Comics
Another issue but there’s no numbering… Just different covers and different zines.

A Local’s Guide to Australia
Silly zine poking fun of clichés about Australia.

Here. In my Head #12
Interesting feminist writing about objectification and violence in rock/metal and the struggle to call herself a musician. Also list! Because lists belong in zines.

Pieces #6.5 / My Aim is True #5
Both sides of this zine are highy recommended by me. Both discuss the authors’ struggles with body norms. One about acne and the other about fat. Great splitzine!

Pieces #8

Telegram #24
I enjoyed reading the issues 24-26 of Telegram very much. #24 focuses on the author’s genderqueer identity and friends not using the right pronoun as well as advice for supporting friends who are in hospital and self-care.

Sober Bob Supplementary

They Don’t Want my Blood
Small zine about volunteering

What a Disgusting Metanarrative

Telegram #25
Love this issue. The author does exactly that which they wish to do: to inspire readers to lead creative, magical lives. Their zines certainly inspire me! And maybe it’s just me, but I was fascinated reading about the contents of her bag: notebooks, books to read, etc.

Athemaura #4
Athemaura is one of my favourite zines and I was happy to pick up this older issue from Marching Star’s final sales. It has a ocket attached to the cover page with a list of reasons to love libraries. Athemaura’s aim is to suport and report on library struggles (against austerity) and this issue also talks about becoming a vegetarian, domesticity, and birds.

Artificial Womb #17
I’m finally catching up reading Articial Womb. I had a subscription so the zines came in the post monthly, yay! AW seems to become more Ana Hine’s personal zine and I really like it (though I like it as a comp/collabzine too!). She’s so honest and open, it amazes me. Her poetry is growing too. I wish she’d included more of her own artwork though, as she’s doing an MA in arts and print-making and what I’ve seen looks really good and interesting. #17 focuses on motherhood and pregnancy.

Artificial Womb #18

Telegram #26
This issue of Telegram is based on questions asked by the author’s friends.

Telegram Ma’am – Stealing Lilacs
Before Telegram was called Telegram Ma’am. This issue is all about genderqueer identity, mental health (“become your own therapist” and more), and sobriety.

Artificial Womb #16

Practice #1
Christine loves perzines and does research on perzines and wanted to make a perzine herself too, she caught the zine virus! She writes about anxiety, coping, and disordered eating, in a very collage-y style.

No More Words #1
Maybe you heard of the amazing feminist zine hoax? This is the perzine of Rachel, one of its editors. It is as thorough, perfectioned, and interesting as hoax itself.

Zine Making: an introduction – second edition
Clear and useful little guide on how to make zines

Artificial Womb #15
As usual a combination of feminist art, poetry, articles, and comics, but with more focus on stand-alone illustrations and artwork this time.

Artificial Womb #14
Safe-space themed issue.

Jelly Goose Chronicles #1
Impressive horror vaccuum page-filling drawing style, deals with health issues

Neither doll houses nor tree houses
Cool zine title although I like both doll houses and tree houses 🙂 This zine is about being non-binary (gender), made by Sari, one of the hoax editors which garantees high quality and well-analysed personal-political writing.

Artificial Womb #13
More collaborative issue of Artificial Womb full of feminist images and texts.

Artificial Womb #12

Not queer as in radical but lesbian as in fuck you
OK, those hoax editors invent the zine titles that really make me curious. No worries, this is not some transphobic TERF shit, but an interesting and valuable questioning of language and lesbian/queer identities.

You’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania #17
One of the several zines about friendship (theory) I read recently and got me thinking a lot. Really valuable stuff. YGAFIP is the perzine of Sari who also wrote Neither doll houses nor tree houses.

Always & Forever
Another zine entirely dedicated to friendship with stories by various authors about their friendships. I really enjoyed reading this, there’s a lot of variety in it. The layout is simply text on white backgrounds, but the stories are very creative. I got this zine from the Respect My Fist tour distro when they were playing in Belgium.

Shrimp #2/3
Little zine about childhood and unfinished things

Boring #0
Rizzo Boring is such an amazing queer artist. I love the artwork in this zine! It’s a collection of Rizzo’s drawings and comics. Everything but boring!

The Pussy Zine
Funny zine for pussy lovers! Full of amazing artwork of… well, cats. 🙂

There are plenty of zines out there on femme identity so it’s nice to finally read something from the other end of the spectrum of female gender expression. Butch consist mostly of drawings and comics by 3 awesome queer artists (Rizzo Boring, Sam Sam and CéCé) . Looking forward to see more from them! (Texts in French!)

Touch me I’m dick
This zine got me all nostalgic. Even though I was just a few years too young to really experience the grunge era of the early 90s, it still feels like part of my youth, especially because I think it kind of lasted till 1997 or so, when I was already listening a lot to this music. Touch Me I’m Dick talks about “grungeploitation”: films about the grunge era, including their music, fashion, and attitude. Of course Singles is included as well as the brilliant All Over Me, and some less noteworthy 90s films (that I still want to check out). I’m a bit nervous about watching Singles again even though I want to, because it might not live up to the memories I have of it. Great zine though. I bought it from Pen Fight distro as well as lots of the following zines.

What are zines anyway?
Mini-zine by the Salford Zine Library

Practical Zine Making
DIY mini-zine by Tukru of Vampire Sushi Distro

Zine Prompts
Mini-zine with ideas for making zines! How cool is that? You can download it for free here: Pen Fight Distro

Fanzine Ynfytyn #20
Each issue of this zine has such a pretty cover and great layouts, the writing is quite laid back, dealing with various snippets that life brings.

Opinionated Nobody #9
The newest issue of ON talks about the author’s experiences with counseling, her cat, graduating, transphobia, friends and the loss of her dad. Perfect perzine, combining honest personal stories with feminist attitude.

Fanzine Ynfytyn #23
This issue of Fanzine Ynfytyn criticises recent healthy food trends and discusses experiences with yoga classes.

Everything.is.fine vol 1 #1
Nyxia Grey’s zines are quite tough to read because she writes about issues such as abuse, eating disorders and suicide, so take care of yourself and be aware of possible triggers. This issue focuses on eating disorders.

Fanzine Ynfytyn #25

Mythologising me #5.5
24 hour zine, I love 24 hour zines and this one makes me want to make another one myself.

Mythologising me #6
Another 24 hour issue, this time mostly about consumerism which I found very inspiring.

Mythologising me #9

Hairy Issues
Folded zine about women’s thoughts on (their) (lack of) body hair. Interesting and diverse views.

Mythologising me #10

Mythologising me #11

Everything.is.fine vol 1 #2

Mythologising me #12 / Say hi and wave #3
Split zines are the best! I like both of these zines a lot, so together it’s double fun!

Artifical Womb #11
This issue’s theme is art education and what is lacking there… I could empathise and recognise quite a lot!

Artifical Womb #10

Here. In my Head #16
Another 24 hour zine, this time HIMH. It’s a lot about recording her EP and all the things she likes / all her interests which is quite a lot. It’s nice to see she combines different creative endeavors: music, zines, writing… as I enjoy doing that too.

Athemaura #18
Such a beautiful and creative cover again with shiny silver and gold. Inside the author writes about working in libraries and finally leaving to work in another field… but that’s for the next issue!

Forever Incomplete #1
Perzine about OCD, finding her craft, straight privilege, having to move. She also edits Sonorus, a feminist Harry Potter fanzine.

Here. In my Head #17
A tour zine! Great idea and interesting to read her adventures on tour.

Forever Incomplete #2
I was a bit surprised/shocked by 25-year old’s expectations… really not everyone has a house or family in their twenties yet! (Or even later) So no worries!

Forever Incomplete #4
Tells the story of meeting her girlfriend in real life across the ocean.

Temporary Life
Surprisingly positive little zine about temping.

And that was it for now. More to come soon! My apologies for not writing proper reviews, but I wanted to focus more on reading zines than on reviewing or describing them. And I read quite a lot as you can see! Book reviews will follow some time soon too…

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    1. I think I even surprised myself for reading so many. 🙂 I tried to put some links of etsy pages and websites with the zine descriptions, but if there are some you want but can’t find, I can help look for where to order them.

    1. Thanks! I’m very happy about it, and surprised too. I just need to read more books now. 🙂

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