Interesting zine stuff on the web

Here are some extremely cool zine projects you should check: resources, games, social media, events, blogs, and more!


  • POC Zine Project: all about people of colour and anti-racist zines and zine projects
  • Grassroots Feminism archives several zine projects
  • This website is quite old, but still so valuable: Grrrl Zines Network
  • A good starting point for finding out about zines is this zine link list (made by Riotmade with love) with a glossary, youtube manuals on how to make mini-zines and websites and literature on zines
  • ZineWiki lists international zine projects and you can add your own!
  • check Feminist Zines Europe for more resources


  • If you love both computer games and zines, try out this very realistic game about a trans woman visiting to a zine fair!
  • There’s also a fun cardgame called “The Best Game ever because it is about Zines”. Well, obviously!

Social media




  • Making art-media-change is zine and craft project in Salzburg who run workshops and made a zine-toolbelt to be jealous of!

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  1. Nyx says:

    Thank you for the mention. 🙂

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