Out of print zines

Out of print zines I won’t reprint anymore:


ECHO zines

  • Not Lady-like zine
    ECHO 011 (2005)
    Not Lady-Like is a zine about my experiences (& adventures?) at Ladyfest Berlin (= a DIY non-profit feminist festival with art, music, film, workshops, games, cakes, action, etc) showing clear signs of horror vacui. It’s a combination of a travel journal, a long festival review, rants about the word lady, gender and “the Hooker incident” (including Manuela’s view on it), info about Berlin, with little portraits of some of the people I met, photos (by Suzanne and me), recipes, drawings, tabs, DIY ideas, a few self-defence tips, a quiz, collages, etc.
    A5, 32p, EUR 2.00 + p&p
  • Radix comic zine #2:
    ECHO 017
    second issue contains comics, drawings and collages about cats, squat evictions, harassment, gender, street-art, feminist herstory and more.
    A5, 28p, EUR 2.00 + p&p
  • Radix comic zine #1:
    ECHO 014
    my first comic zine with drawings, cartoons, short and longer comics. stories about a storm, a queer squat punk fairy tale, being on tour, menstruation, music, feminists, and more. I admit I’m quite proud of it. check out some of my drawings and comics here.
    A5, 28p, EUR 2.00 + p&p
  • Flapper Gathering zine #6:
    ECHO 012
    another Flapper Gathering zine! this time it includes: an interview with Alma of Girl Germs, a vegan vegetable pancake recipe by Kim, a text about the book “Pretty In Punk”, articles about tobacco, radical menstration, squatting & feminist space, a comic about Bomspotting, DIY how-to make patches with stencils, gender in forms, action, concert, zine & music reviews and more.
  • Flapper Gathering zine #5:
    ECHO 008
    the 5th issue of the Riot Grrrl Belgium zine contains a big special section on girl-owned DIY labels including interviews with the girls behind Emancypunx, Neck Candy/Year Book Collection/DIYorDIE distro, Vida Loca Records and Tsunami-Addiction + reports (reclaim the streets, Riot Not Diet action day, Summer Meeting For Activists III, Mini-Rebel Fest, Quilombo, McDonalds) + articles on Le Tigre’s collaboration with the mainstream music industry, Riot Grrrl & Anarchism and independent media + various DIY sections + reviews.
  • Flapper Gathering zine #4:
    ECHO 007
    this issue of Flapper Gathering includes reports of Ladyfest Amsterdam and Liège, an interview with artist Jeanne Spicuzza, an article by Sara ‘s Jegers about body hair, a statement about rape and torture in Iraq by Global Women’s Strike, short art & activism reports, gender theory part II, a personal text about finding soulsisters, a poem about violence against women, a comic, music/zine/book reviews,…
  • Self-defence Mini-guide leaflet:
    ECHO 006
    inspired by a self-defence workshop for a Ladyfest Amsterdam benefit on Women’s Day 2003 in “Vrankrijk”, Amsterdam.
  • Flapper Gathering zine #3:
    ECHO 004
    the third issue of Flapper Gathering includes riot grrrl weekend report and Women’s Day in Amsterdam, a comic by Suzanne, articles on beauty standards, sexism in hardcore, menstruation, gender, interviews with Tanja of Bunnies On Strike and Riikka, anti-fur demo report, anti-war articles, boycott list, reviews, and more.
  • Flapper Gathering zine #2:
    ECHO 003
    the second issue of the riot grrrl belgium zine. it contains several contributions. there’s a riot grrrl questionnaire, stories, DIY tips, Ladyfest report, interview with Die Bitch, reviews, Lappersfort article, picnic report + benelux chapter info, concert reviews of the Haggard and Chicks On Speed, info about the riot grrrl archive and the vrouwentongen caravan, Bell Jar part II, Corin Tucker article, a poem, drawings, photos, flyers and much more.
  • Flapper Gathering zine #1:
    ECHO 002
    the first issue of the new riot grrrl belgium zine. writings by crimal and myself. drawings, reviews, diy stuff, interview with O.G. Panty Complex, etc.
  • Punk Feminist Mini-Zine:
    ECHO 001
    the old very small riot grrrl belgium zine written by me. it contains an article about riot grrrl and lists that were later updated on the riot grrrl belgium website. also diy t-shirt ideas which were added on the website too.

Collaborative zines

  • Riot Don’t Diet zine – out of print
    a zine about beauty standards, made during Riot Not Diet, an event organised by the Riot Grrrl Collectief in Hasselt, 2004.
  • REAXIE newsletter – out of print
    DIY feminist newsletter made by members of the Riot Grrrl Collectief in Hasselt. Written in Dutch. Includes news, vegan recipes, interviews, short articles and a calendar. 4 issues a year. Started in March 2008. Not published anymore, but can still be downloaded.

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