Zines I read in 2017 (part II: April – June)

I received lots of nice zine mail these last few months and then there was Zine Happening and Alternatieve Boekenbeurs happening in my town. So lots more fresh reading materials. I also spent more time on reading books but I’ll review those books elsewhere, like here and here. Click here for previous reviews of zines I read in 2017. So I guess this is also the international zine month’s edition of my reviews. 🙂

Drone not drones
I always look forward to Gudrun’s zines! She combines very dark humour with popular culture references and radical feminism. This zine deals with podcasts, tattoos ideas, and women and trans only safe spaces too. Sounds like the right ingredients for a great feminist zine potion!
(Contact me for Gudrun’s zine)

Moon zine
Beautiful pocketsized zine with artwork and reflections about the moon by various people

Mystical Zine
Folded witchy zine about different ways to read tarot. Moonzine and Mystical Zine are both made/edited by Pauline of the zine Cosmic Kiss.

Call my name #2
I read this zine is the wrong order, because I read #3 and 4 before. I really enjoyed them all. Call My Name is a lovely handmade perzine by a young German student who loves nature. In this issue she writes about travelling, her dream house, privilege, and Virginia Woolf.

Call my name #1
First issue, on nipples showing, underwear, a recipe…

Pansy #9
I got a 90s feel with this zine but I assume it isn’t that old because websites of relatively recent zine distros are mentioned. The author discusses a series of (mostly horrible) room mates, fear of relationships and borderline personality, friendship, and it includes a short Julie Doucet comic.

Twt #4
Mini-zine subtitled “inspiring quotes from artists”

Neddy the OG
Cute mini-zine about a cat named Ned.

Stoute Tong
Misha’s very first zine, with poetry, a review, and an essay (“vagina pride for trans men and non binary AFABs”) and a nice slick lay-out. He’s been writing poetry for a while on his blog now and I’m super happy he caught the zine virus too! Get this zine and – if you get the chance – catch one of his poetry readings too!

Never kill a boy on the first date #1
I loved the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanzine “Bite Me” and this one is just as good. I love that fanzines like this one are very critical about the series they love. It includes feminist views on Riley and toxic masculinity, the Watchers Council and the patriarchy, Spike and ableism, Willow and bi erase, and favourite episodes. Any Buffy fan should read it!

Brown Girls #2
Very cool zine dedicated to women of colour by Seleena (with guest writers) who already brought us Poor Lass and Sugar Paper. Inside you can find pieces on travelling to New York, artists Kara Walker and Alison Erika Forde, calling out, life as a queer brown girl, food, “black privilege” (which shows there is no such thing), reviews, the black punk band Death, and more. Oh and Skin from Skunk Anansie is mentioned (please someone make an entire fanzine about Skunk Anansie!).

Lipstick & Jellybeans
A zine about friendship made together by 2 friends (for more zines about friendship, check out the previous zine reviews). They also edit Sonorus, a feminist zines about Harry Potter.

Folder #7
[in Dutch]

The story of Ernie
Little comic about a dinosaur by a christian zinester

Our Victory Line #1
I seem to like all British perzines and this is one of them. It’s about lactose intolerance, pets, work, being fat, dealing with death, and more. The font is very small so it was not always easy to read.

Falling out of frames
Zine made by the Ladyfest Maastricht crew

Bingham Center Zine Collections
Mini-zine about this zine library

Brexit means Brexit

Here. In my Head #14
I’ve already read quite a lot of Catherine’s zines as well as hear her amazing music (see her website), although not in the chronological order because I got them from various distros. Recently I ordered some zines that were missing from her directly (as well as her latest CD). #14 is a 24 hour zine in which she writes about good things that happened in her life recently, defending NHS receptions, Tori Amos, and the suffering artist myth. Like almost all of us, Catherine deals with insecurities about abilities and looks, but she’s making progress on her self-confidence and definitely deserves that!

You Matter Always: a zine about making the world less shitty
This is a zine I needed. This is a zine everyone needs. This is a zine the world needs. OK that may sound overstated, but really, the things written in here will benefit you. Little things to make the world a nicer place, simple things you can do, small steps we can all take. Like saying: “You matter! Always!”. Self-care and support zines like these matter so much too!

Here. In my Head #15
Informative and personal zine about irritable bowel syndrome.

Without You I’m Nothing
This fanzine is all about Placebo and especially about the experience of a Placebo fan. Fun to read, even if you’re not a fan.

Everything.is.fine volume 1 #3
Trigger warning for the content of this zine. Author Nyxia Grey talks about being in a band and Ladies Rock Camp Boston, but also about eating disorders and the suicide of her niece. She is a great writer but this is no fiction, so it’s not easy to read.

Diary of a girl crush
All about childhood crushes! 🙂

Het paard dat geen zin had
Lovely little booklet – they might not call it a zine but it’s self-published and non-commercial – with a story about a horse running wild.
[in Dutch]

Doldraaien of omkeren
Also by Atalanta, a story with two sides.
[in Dutch]

Ladyfest Maastricht 2017
Download here and read more about the ladyfest here.

Here. In my head #10
Subtitled “the university years”, part story, part advice for future students.

Rad Rag
Cool full-colour zine about reclaiming your period.

Witch #2
Huge zine all about warrior women (this issue’s theme), spells, politics, and popular culture. Comes with a playlist/mix CD, as did #1. Author thatbeardgirl is great both with words and images, and makes amazing embroidery too! I heard #3 is in progress. Can’t wait!

Collection of short absurd stories with as main characters nose holes, smiles, rain, iron, wave and many others, sprung from Weia’s imagination, mixed with her nature photographs. Suitable for children of all ages, and adults (or those who think they are) too!
[written in Dutch]

Our Victory Line #2
Second issue of Our Victory Line discusses the Weirdo Zine Fest, Sheffield Zine Fest, and North West Zine Fest, veggie/vegan stuff, fat visibility, travelling to Amsterdam and Berlin, and dealing with the death of a friend.

DIY du genre
Mini-zine about (trans)gender identity explained as colours
[in French]

Des keurs de toutes les kouleurs #1
Big and very interesting read about relationship anarchy and “amours hors normalité”. The zine explains the concept of relationship anarchy in detail, redefines the importance of non-romantic/sexual relationships, and explores love, gendered care roles, and non-violent communication.
[in French]

Mae Danger #1
This zine questions the question “what do you do” when you first meet someone, job interviews, being on the dole, and work. Enjoyed reading it, and got me nodding because I could recognise quite some things, but the (Scottish?) spelling in some words makes it sometimes a bit difficult to follow.

Retail Bitch #2
There used to be a zine in the 90s called Dishwasher Pete, about a guy who writes about his dishwashing jobs. This zine is similar, about the experiences of working in shops. Funny read.

All things ordinary #2
I first heard of the author of this zine on a podcast he does together with Alex Wrekk about zines. It was fun finally reading his zine in which he talks about moving to Portland (is it really zine capital I wonder?), going to comic cons and meeting his heroes, being a plasma donor, going to Portland Zine Symposium, and random things. Light fun zine.

Forever Incomplete #1 1/2
Interesting travel story by a white British women travelling to Zambia. One of the authors of Lipstick & Jellybeans and Sonorus.

The Norsemen
Fanzine about the tv series Freaks and Geeks. I’ve never seen it and it doesn’t make much since to read it without knowing it I think. But if you’re a fan, this is probably fun.

Forever Incomplete #2 3/4
This zine combines travelling to Zambia (again) with fanfic stories about Orphan Black. Nice idea and it works well, especially if you’ve read #1 1/2 first.


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