24 hour (fan)zine workshop at Le Space – short report

Three years ago we organised the first 24 hour zine event in Belgium. It took place in Ghent, with 5 zine enthousiasts, some of which had never met before. Since then we have organised 5 other of such zine-making gatherings, alternating between Ghent and Brussels.

The idea of these events is that anyone can participate and make their own zine in 24 hours (or work on a zine during the event – it doesn’t have to be finished, nor do participants have to be there for the entire 24 hours). The results are always wonderful, and so different and creative!

At each next 24 hour zine event more and more people showed up. The local / DIY / queer-feminist zine scene is still small but it exists! This time, on July 7-8th, we were about 12-15 zinesters who participated and some more curious people hanging around. The event took place in the activist cultural café Le Space, probably my favourite place in Brussels.

I had a great time again, hanging out with such inspiring and enthusiastic people and working on my zine called “From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls”. We didn’t get to print our zines during the 24 hours, so I haven’t seen (all) the final results yet, but I’m sure they will be true treasures again! I already read two of the zines that were made and was amazed again! Can’t wait for the next 24hz edition!

(PS. If anyone is up for regular zine-making or other creative writing/crafting/drawing sessions, in Ghent or Brussels, for example at Le Space, let me know!)

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