Interesting stuff on the web: DIY research and zine resources

Another collection of useful websites, this time with a focus on DIY research and various zine-related resources. Some of these websites helped me a lot when I was writing an article on feminist perzines and others keep being of use for me as a zine writer/reader. I’m sure you’ll find them interesting too! ūüôā Check out the previous “interesting stuff on the web” posts too.

Useful resources for research:

  • Libgen: books! magazines! articles! comics! All at your disposal…
  • Gutenberg Project: lots of free ebooks for which the copyright has expired
  • Online newspapers can be found at Krantenarchief
  • share¬†and download¬†articles and research papers
  • Bibliography¬†of research papers on zines.
  • This is pretty amazing:¬†a comic book called¬†“Hot Pursuit” about demystifying archival research for artists that you can download and print yourself.
  • I wanted to mention Sci Hub too but the website seems to have a problem at the moment… hopefully soon restored because a world opened when I discovered that website, literally a world of research papers! All accessible for free thanks to a female hacker!

Useful resources for zinesters:

And after you’re done checking these websites, get off the internet and make/read zines!

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