News: Autumn updates & events


  • Looking for local zine scene reports!
  • Looking for recommendations of DIY/activist/alternative places for a DIY Brussels tourist mini-zine I’d like to make. Write any recommendations in the comments or mail to: flapper_grrrl(at)
  • Still working on Same Heartbeats #12 but making good progress! Might be finished in 1-2 months or even sooner.


Interesting zine-related events in or nearby Belgium soon:

  • Atelier zines: 21-22 sept: at Chez Zelle in Louvain-la-Neuve
    (the zine scene is growing!)
  • Les VoiZines x Drawing Days: 29-30 sept: at KASK in Ghent
    (Sister Ray Zines will table there and will have some FEL and ECHO zines too)
  • UPDATE: F-word festival: 29 sept – 1 oct: at OCCII/Binnenpret in Amsterdam
    (there will be FEL + ECHO zines on Saturday and Sunday afternoon)
  • Speaking Volumes: starting 29 sept: at ISELP in Brussels
    (a series of presentations about feminist magazines, artist publications, and zines)
  • Zine Camp: 11-12 nov: at Worm in Rotterdam
    (sounds pretty awesome)
  • Alternatieve Boekenbeurs: 14 april 2018 at De Koer in Ghent
    (yay, date just announced!)
  • More upcoming events here

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